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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Trump's Wonderful Pro-Life Start

As soon as Donald Trump won last night, he deleted his website's pro-life link.

Google cache shows what it USED to look like:

But as of this morning, it's all gone.

I've been told he removed it so as not to rub his victory in other people's faces.
Because Trump never does that. Trump never gloats. Never. And then I recalled that this made sense - I mean, remember how well he treated Rubio and Cruz when he beat them in the primaries?  He was so gracious and generous, just like he was to Hillary.

Remember that?
You don't?
You don't remember that?
How odd.
Because I remem... I.... uh.... I.... let's move on.

I've been told that there was never a pro-life statement on Trump's website.
Obviously, there was, because it is in Google cache. But it is interesting that people who voted for him because "Trump is pro-life" would today insist that he never actually had a pro-life statement on his web page, so he is not guilty of removing it. Because he was pro-life, but never mentioned it on his website. Which is why we voted for him. Because pro-life.

This statement from them puzzles me.

I've been told that he's strongly pro-life and will appoint pro-life SCOTUS judges and pro-life circuit court judges and he would defund Planned Parenthood and there would be unicorns and rainbows and....

And that's why he scrubbed all pro-life information from his website the instant he won.
Because that's what strong pro-lifers do, you know.
All of them.
They do that.
They do.

They scrub all that pro-life stuff off if they are really pro-life.
Like Trump is.
Which is why we voted for him.
Because Trump is pro-life.
...and..... stuff....

I've been told that it was scrubbed because he's shutting down his campaign website.
Which makes sense. Why keep campaign promises up where people can see them? Especially the people who are now finding out you are President-Elect, and they want to know where you stand on various issues, so now they go to your campaign website to find out?

Sure, all the OTHER position descriptions are still on the website and the website itself is still up, it's just the pro-life links that are gone, scrubbed, wiped from the face of the web (except for Google cache.... can't get at Google cache.... dammit..... no matter how hard we try...). And something had to go first, because we don't want people going to the campaign site with all the campaign promises... so.... obviously.... delete the pro-life link first.

Now, sure, an IT person who wants to shut down a website just removes all the pages and puts a placeholder up, maybe saying "Thanks for your support, our campaign site is now down as the President-elect prepares to take office!" Or s/he re-assigns the DNS to send you to 404 Not Found. Nobody, absolutely NOBODY dismantles a site page by single page, link by single link. Unless you're pro-life, of course. If you are pro-life, you delete your website one  one slow page at a time, one slow link at a time. And you start with the pro-life links.

Because that's what strongly pro-life people do.
Of course.

I wouldn't want to start some kind of negative conspiracy theory based on simple facts like this.
That would be un-Christian.

Because Trump is pro-life.

Now, I must admit something. I've been accused of being a conspiracy theorist who has no credibility. And it's true. I am. After all, I actually didn't believe Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch when they said they discussed their grandchildren all alone on that plane on the tarmac. I thought they were conspiring to prevent Hillary from being indicted.

I also didn't believe Hillary when she said she only deleted emails with her yoga routines and her daughter's wedding plans. I thought she and her aides were conspiring to destroy evidence of criminal activity.

And I didn't believe FBI director Comey when he said Hillary could not be prosecuted. I believe to this day that he is conspiring to prevent her indictment and trial for federal crimes.

So, it's clear, I'm a nut. Trying to connect facts about rich and powerful people who are pursuing additional money and power by pursuing government office - that's pure conspiracy theory.  Laying this out about the Clintons is ok and understandable, but Donald Trump is clearly way above that kind of activity, he's got such a sterling personality. No one disputes that. He would never pull a con on anyone. It is pure nuts to say otherwise.. This whole post is way, way out there and you shouldn't listen to ME about it.

Don't do that.
Wouldn't be prudent.

I have been told that this post is in error - Trump actually wiped this page out this past May. So, now I am being attacked for wrongly casting aspersions on Trump's pro-life credentials because he actually expunged all pro-life material over six months ago, and therefore is clear of the charge of having expunged it only today.

What a resounding defense.
I honestly can't think of a single thing to say in response.
They have me cold on that one.

A second rebuttal is that there remains some prolife material, namely here and here. True enough. If you happen to know the links AHEAD OF TIME, you can put them in the URL space on your web browser and get to them. But if you are browsing Trump's site, you have to go to page 42 and page 92 of his media release list, respectively, in order to find them. And those are the sum total of the pro-life links his supporters can find.

So, that's a pretty prominent display, and I am clearly wrong to say it is anything else.
I mean, who wouldn't scroll through 40 pages of stuff to get to the pro-life stuff?

It's out there, as front-and-center as can be, for anyone interested in knowing Donald's stance on abortion. Again, what the hell was I thinking to say otherwise? Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

The last rebuttal came from Eric Scheidler, who argued as follows:

And, again, I have no response to Eric's dizzying logic.

Since politician's never post their pro-life credentials to their website, and Trump is not a politician, but is instead a political outsider who doesn't play by the rules, of course he isn't going to post this information to his website either.

Because pro-life.
And not your typical political insider.
So, he does things differently.
Except here, where it's exactly the same.
So we can trust him to do the right thing.
Like all the other politicians.
Of which he isn't one. He's an outsider.
And stuff.


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

So let's hold his feet to the fire and give him a chance.

Steve Kellmeyer said...

"let's hold his feet to the fire"
Everybody quotes that glittering generality.
No one explains how that works.

Give me details - how does one do what you propose in a concrete way?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Well, first of all I'm posting your screen shot on my blog and linking to your website. Then I'm giving contact information on Trump and asking people to express their concern about this to his campaign. His contract with America is still on the website and it contains a lot of things that, if he follows through, will strengthen the family and help the country. His policy on eliminating Common Core and returning education to the local level are two biggies. So I'm going to thank him for that.

Another practical way is to have more contact with our senators and congressmen and ask them to hold his feet to the fire and to follow through on his promises.

And then, the biggest of all for Catholics, pray and do penance specifically for his conversion. I'm off to adoration this afternoon to do exactly that.

Bob said...


2nd bullet:

"Protect innocent human life from conception to natural death, including the most defenseless and those Americans with disabilities"

I didn't vote for him, but at least he put this up.

M. Sorensen said...

Re: Trump taking his pro-life promises down from his website.

No. That's not what happened.

There was a rather amusing security problem with the press release page on his website starting election night, and the temporary fix was to take down that page, making all press releases inaccessible.

The website has been fixed, and all press releases are now accessible again, including the one about his pro-life stance:

If you are looking on his POSITIONS page, you won't find anything about pro-life/abortion, but there never was anything there. His only pro-life statements were under the MEDIA and PRESS RELEASES tabs, and they have been restored.

Confitebor said...

Although we must keep a healthy skepticism about Trump's pro-life stance, and Trump is indeed a conman even more than the typical politician is, nevertheless the apparent deletion of the pro-life link on his campaign website wasn't anything cynical as M. Sorensen explains. LifeSiteNews has reported that Trump's transition team website includes clear pro-life statements.

Loathsome and wretched man though he is, hopefully he'll follow through on his official pro-life stance. And we must continue to thank God that we dodged that Hillary Clinton bullet which would have gravely if not mortally wounded Christianity and human rights in this land.