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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Trump's Long Con

Well, this was a fascinating evening. Trump actually pulled off the same con he has used hundreds of times before, but this time he did it with the whole nation watching. That is masterful.

As I've pointed out tirelessly, Trump is a con man. At some point during this process, he decided to steal the deal and cut out the middle-man, or woman, in this case. Again, as I've pointed out before, Trump and Bill pulled the original "Loretta Lynch" way back in the spring of last year. Numerous news sources testify that Trump called Bill Clinton just before Trump decided to enter the race "against" Hillary. This was common knowledge. And I'm sure Donald and Bill just talked about their grandchildren. And stuff.

Of course, they didn't discuss diapers. Trump agreed to run as a Republican in order to split the Republican ticket and give Hillary the White House. In exchange, Bill promised to line Trump's pockets in the way Trump had always lined his pockets - by having someone (in this case, Hillary) shovel government largesse into Trump's bank accounts.

We have a lot of testimony, both from Trump's ex-campaign managers  and from Trump himself, that he was not interested in actually winning the Presidency. But apparently, he changed the focus of his "long con" confidence game at about the same time it became crystal clear that he had the Republican nomination wrapped up, a result no one expected. Once he saw that he actually might hold the nomination, his game changed. The Clintons, his partners in crime, simply became two more marks.

Now, this is not an unusual business practice, especially for Trump. Again, we have testimony from literally HUNDREDS of small businessmen. He takes their deals, takes their products, then doesn't pay them. As they slowly rot on the vine, waiting for money that never comes, they suddenly realize that he can stall them in court for years, drive them into bankruptcy, if they try to get the money he owes them. And if they don't get paid, they will only barely skirt the edge of bankruptcy, permanently damaging their business for decades to come.

As he has done with so many previous business partners, he screwed the Clintons, took their product, made it his own, and bought the election. For all we know, he made a heavy investment in IT hackers to assure his victory.

Now, his children continue to run his businesses, and he shovels government money into their pockets instead of waiting for Hillary. Apparently he figured he could do it more efficiently than Hillary. It was a beautiful con, masterfully executed. Paul Newman and Robert Redford should be proud.

And if any of you think his promises to you don't have expiration dates, well... one of the people in this clip is Trump and one of them is you. Guess which is which.

As Bob points out in the comments, even Hillary admitted that the Clintons had chosen Trump as their favorite Republican candidate.  The Clintons poured millions into Trump's campaign.

So, the Trumpkins want to argue that Donald was too stupid to know this? Given that Donald was the one who called Bill only a few days before Donald opened his campaign? And, out of a field of 18 candidates, how is it that the Clintons were lucky enough to actually GET exactly the opponent they always wished they had? I mean, what are the odds?

The guy who ran the WWE, the organization who makes money by staging fake fights between friends, that turns out to be the guy that wins the Republican nomination and fights Hillary for the presidency? Amazing, isn't it? These guys should go to Vegas.

After Wikileaks, how many people can honestly say it is absurd to think Trump was part of a Clinton-Trump setup?


Michael said...

I find this more amusing by the minute.
I was going to write in your last post, "What if he decides to steal it all," but decided to wait and see. What are the chances.

His thank you speech seemed very pointed, as he named out politician he now owns, and especially his thanks, or lack there of, for Mike Pence.

Who knows what will come of this? Will Romans 8:28 have any relevance?

Steve Kellmeyer said...

Well, you were more enlightened than I, because I certainly didn't see it coming. It never occurred to me that he would screw over the Clintons.

But if he will screw over his closest friends, there is no hope we don't get screwed. Trump has already removed the abortion/pro-life link on his website. The deal has already been altered. Pray he doesn't alter it further.

Lee Gilbert said...

Look, I say this in all friendliness and concern, too, but this is conspiracy theory on steroids, in other words, madness. You will say, "Then show me where I am wrong." Well, I will admit it is all very logical, but having lived with a paranoiac who thought his mother was plotting to kill him and had the most logical reasons for thinking so, I know that logic is not necessarily the best credential that one is in touch with reality. The logic is only as good as the premises on which it is based.

One of your major premises, not spelled out, but there anyway, is that ANYONE is capable of feigning this level of sincerity in so many theaters ( rallies, interviews, etc) of operation for so long a time. This is simply out of the range of human possibility.

You speak of him as a con man-the major premise- on the basis of his business dealings, but I have a son who was a lawyer in construction litigation for several years, and this level of financial brutality is the name of the came. You don't perform the contract, you don't get paid. Your work is not up to snuff, you don't get paid. Naturally the underperformers/ nonperformers complain. This was illustrated for me when teleprompters for a speech of his failed, and Trump said, "Well, then, they're not getting paid."

It may well be that Trump is only nominally pro-life and for political convenience. That is not really his energizing issue. Nevertheless, he would be foolish not to perform on his promises just from the standpoint of retaining political capital. So, from my standpoint it doesn't matter whether he is sincere or insincere, just so long as he performs. Yes, here he may be acting, and it shows because he is not convincing, but looking at his campaign, statements, and demeanor holistically, he is the soul of sincerity. He may be a showman -a "carnival barker" as some have put it, but that does not mean he is an actor. If this is acting, it far beyond what human beings are ordinarily capable of. To me it shows a complete lack of a sense of proportion to think that all the last two years have been acting and a con.

In other words, I think with this sort of column you are undermining your own credibility, which is a shame, since much of what you have to say is worth considering, but that is in areas where you have some experience and expertise.

Beyond that, how does this sort of writing not fall afoul of "Judge not lest ye be judged"? To me it seems a classic instance of transgressing this commandment. One can make judgments based on facts, but in my experience is is not only wrong, but it is a colossal blunder, to divine the motives of anyone and announce them to the world. This I say from the bitter and humbling experience of having done exactly that, and very mistakenly.

Beyond that, as St. Paul was instructed by the servant of the high priest, "it is wrong to speak evil of a ruler of your people." Of course, Trump may well deserve remonstrance and critique, but that has to be based on demonstrable facts, not the "discernment" of motives declaimed by someone striking a prophetic stance..

Beyond that, how does this sort of writing which cultivates suspicion contribute to the healing of the nation? We need healing.

If you feel that Trump is a great conman and a sinner, that is your right, of course, but in the public forum, is there not a corresponding obligation at this juncture to say something like, "Let us pray and fast for the conversion of Donald Trump" ?

In short, paranoiac reveries contribute nothing to your own credibility or to domestic tranquility, and honestly I fervently wish you would rise to the level of the moment and the level, too, of your own talent and intelligence.

All of which I write as your brother in Christ, not as a political opponent.

Steve Kellmeyer said...

As you say, the proof is in the performance.
Trump no longer has a pro-life link on his website.
Go look.

As for the facts, the facts are all linked in the article.

Maybe Donald and Bill talked about grandchildren and nothing else.
Maybe Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch talked about grandchildren and nothing else.
Maybe the emails were just about yoga routines.

You have the same facts as I - come to whatever conclusions you want.
These are my conclusions. I don't trust Trump, and the facts surrounding him and his campaign are the reason why.

Bob said...


Steve Kellmeyer said...

Bob, I COMPLETELY forgot about the Wikileaks revelations.
Yeah - you caught me out. I should have included that.
Doing so right now...

M. Sorensen said...

Re: Trump taking his pro-life promises down from his website.

No. That's not what happened.

There was a rather amusing security problem with the press release page on his website starting election night, and the temporary fix was to take down that page, making all press releases inaccessible.

The website has been fixed, and all press releases are now accessible again, including the one about his pro-life stance:

If you are looking on his POSITIONS page, you won't find anything about pro-life/abortion, but there never was anything there. His only pro-life statements were under the MEDIA and PRESS RELEASES tabs, and they have been restored.