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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Trump Did What He Set Out To Do

Donald Trump called Bill Clinton before Trump ran for the Republican nomination. He and Bill worked out how they would help Hillary into the White House. The Clintons and the Trumps have always had a simple deal: Trump gets Hillary into office, Hillary shovels government money Trump's way.

Trump was just supposed to split the Republican vote - he ended up actually getting the nomination. Gravy. Hillary didn't just rig the Democrat primary. Through the open primary process, she and Trump successfully rigged the Republican primary as well.  Trump, her surrogate, made sure the Republican primary process would continue to use open primaries for the 2020 nomination process, so she can do it again then.

Trump made his money through government subsidies and contracts. It's how he does business. The Clintons and the Trumps have always been friends, Ivanka and Chelsea are best friends and always have been.

The Clintons and the Trumps had to make it look close to bring in the rubes. So, when the numbers got too low for Trump, they pumped the numbers up a bit. But never too high. 

The rubes have to think they have a chance in 2016, so the process can be repeated. As anyone who makes movies knows, it is always harder to get an audience for the sequel. If you want a sequel, you have to prepare the ground, you have to put a cliff-hanger in the end of the first movie that allows a clean jump into the second. 

Trump can run again in 2020, pull the same stunts again, give Hillary a second term. The pieces are in place. The rubes are primed. They will blame the 2016 loss on the corrupt media, Hillary's perfidy, whatever or whoever they want to blame. As long as they don't blame Trump - and they won't - everything will work. Everything is set for 2020.

The pro-life movement has prostituted itself. Liberals always said pro-lifers care more about the unborn than the born. Donald doubled down on that by promising to kill born children. He promised that American troops would commit international war crimes. He promised he would force American soldiers to kill entire families. And we had the spectacle of incredibly stupid, badly formed "pro-life" priests, like Fr. Frank Pavone and Fr. Zuhlsdorf, endorse this abject madness. Trump brilliantly whipped up anti-Catholic sentiment while pretending to endorse Catholic principles. (UPDATE: Fr. Pavone actually desecrated an altar for a political stunt. He is quite, quite mad.)

Donald has also successfully linked pro-lifers to the idea that women who have abortions should be punished, jailed. Donald has successfully linked anti-homosexuals and pro-lifers to the KKK. In a nation that now has majority minority births, he has successfully linked Republicans with permanent racism.

Donald Trump ran a campaign that caricatured Republicans, only it apparently didn't caricature them, because Republicans turned out to be mostly fine with the caricature. The liberals were actually right about 21st-century Republicans. Who knew?

Donald, Hillary and Bill did what they set out to do. Hillary gets eight years in the White House. Donald gets paid. It's a win-win for everyone.


Paul Rondeau said...

Sorry but this is really moronic.

Steve Kellmeyer said...

Calling names is not exactly helpful or informative - it is a Karl Keating tactic.

If you have a substantive criticism, make it.
Point out where I'm wrong or the facts controvert the thesis.

His own campaign people indicated he was in it for the publicity, he didn't want to win

Trump himself said he wasn't interested in winning.

No one contests the fact that he called Bill Clinton only a week or two before he entered the race. No one contests the facts:
he was a registered Democrat for decades before he "suddenly" became Republican,
his own children couldn't vote for him in the primary because THEY were all registered Democrats,
he gave money to Hillary and her foundation,
he donated money to help crush the Tea Party,
he received funding from George Soros, just like Hillary,
he and the Clintons have been long-time friends (the Clintons came to his wedding),
etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum

So, point out where I am "moronic."