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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Camps and Assassinations

I've had several people tell me that there is a general fear Obama will be assassinated.

Poppycock and balderdash.

Socialists dictators, i.e., men like Obama, don't get assassinated by skinheads.

Socialists assassinate each other to gain political juice, and they don't allow the assassination to take place until they have all their ducks in a row. Consider Trotsky, who got an icepick in the forehead only because Stalin wanted him dead. Stalin needed someone to blame for the economic turmoil in the Soviet Union, and it's easier to blame all your problems on a dead revolutionary. He invoked Trotsky and the Trotskey-ites for years after the man was moldering in the grave. It worked wonderfully. George W. will find himself invoked a lot over the next eight years and for the same reason.

No, if Obama gets killed, it's because Pelosi or Durbin or someone else need him dead for some reason. They'll blame it on the skinheads, they'll set up the racists to take the fall, but the reason for his death will be a maneuver for political ascendancy by one of his current subordinates.

If he gets offed, it's because someone is confident they can control Biden and they want to set Old Joe up as the puppet for the man or woman behind the curtain. Assassination in socialist circles is a Praetorian Guard event. Skinheads don't have the brains to pull something like that off, but Pelosi does.

And speaking of socialists, we should discuss the possibility of internment camps. Poor economies are why socialists love internment camps. If you have an economy which is severely under-producing goods, then you have to do something to reduce the number of consumers in order to avoid riots stemming from the people's inability to eat or clothe themselves.

If the under-production of goods is fairly minor, this problem of too much consumption chasing too few goods can usually be resolved by simply killing the very old and the very young. Nationalized health care is an excellent way out. Euthanize anyone over 60, or simply give them inadequate treatment, then abort 30-70% of the children in the womb, and your production problem goes away - the remaining consumers have enough to eat so that you don't have to worry about riots.

But, if the under-production of goods becomes severe enough, you have to begin random arrests of people on the streets. If a lot of the general population is in prison, you can control their consumption right down to the gram. If they die, it's no big deal because people assume they are in jail for a good reason.

This is why the Soviet Union created and maintained the Gulag Archipelago. They were good economists, they knew they were not producing enough goods and they also knew they couldn't ramp up production in their command-style economy.

What was left? They had to reduce consumption. That was the point of the Gulag.

The United States is currently producing a LOT of stuff, so internment camps for economic reasons here won't be immediately necessary. But, if enough damage is done to the economy, look for a big increase in military-style camps for "troublemakers."

If our economy goes that deeply into the dumper, internment camps will start getting set up in outlying socialist dictatorships first, as the flow of international goods dries up. So, if, for instance, Hugo Chavez starts setting them up, it's time for US citizens to start considering options because that roadshow is likely headed to the United States.


Anonymous said...

Very ugly posting.

Not Christian.

Not Catholic.


Jordanes said...

I don't see anything ugly, un-Christian, or un-Catholic about your comment, Anonymous.

Jordanes said...

Seriously, though, Steve, while Anonymous is over the top, I have to say it's not particularly pleasant discussing which of our elected officials would be most likely to assassinate Sen. Obama if it were in their interest to do so. Nancy Pelosi is a pro-abortion heretic with blood on her hands, but I just don't see her ordering a hit on anybody who has escaped the abortionist's scalpel and vacuum cleaner.

Steve Kellmeyer said...

If you want to read an ugly posting, reading Sozhenitsyn's three-volume opus, The Gulag Archipelago.

Keep in mind that he was a devout Russian Orthodox. All I did was give a 700-word summary of his three-volume work, so I would argue that this is QUITE Catholic.

And make sure you read all three volumes. It is quite enlightening.

As for Pelosi, I doubt she would be the trigger-man (woman?), I was just using her for an example.

Actually, I doubt most of the officials in government would actually commission a hit - they really aren't hard-core socialists, they are all dilettantes. As such, they don't have the ideological guts to follow through to logical conclusions in the same way that Lenin, Stalin, Che Guevera, Castro or Khruschev would.

Indeed, if we're lucky, Obama is just a dilettante. I'm painting absolute worst-case scenarios here, so we understand how bad it could get theoretically.

Obama is probably just a panty-waist socialist of the garden ivory tower variety who talks a good game but can't actually execute anything (literally or figuratively).

Anonymous said...

I will report Steve's blog posting and follow-up comment to the FBI unless this entire post is removed within 24 hours. Steve can be as cute as he wants to be, but he has crossed the line this time.

Steve Kellmeyer said...

Go ahead and call them now, friend. I'll go to the newspapers and lots of free publicity.

You're doing me a great favor if the FBI is actually stupid enough to follow up on this.

Jordanes said...

Wow, I wonder who this cowardly Anonymous is who thinks the FBI might be interested in this discussion. I fail to see how a theoretical discussion of dreadful hypotheticals crosses any line into areas not protected by the First Amendment.

Jordanes said...

Yes, isn't it delightful how quickly the Obamamaniacs seek to resort to government coercion to suppress speech with which they disagree.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve:

I just discovered your blog and wish to offer my congratulations on an informative and well-written series of posts.

Please allow me to make a suggestion, which I offer most humbly. It is disheartening to come to the comment section and find profanity or posts that mock Christian beliefs. May I suggest moderating the comments? I'm not a blogger, but I'm told that you can change the settings to allow the moderator to reject comments.

Best to you and yours.


Anonymous said...

I owuldn't call the post 'ugly', it's just downright hilarious. It's amusing that some commenters don't realise this is a satire blog.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm getting it -- this entire blog is satire!

I'll have to chime in with comments in the same spirit as others!

In that regard, Steve's posting was a-okay with me! Right on, Steve. Kill away!

Jordanes said...

People like our anonymous commenters who are unable to comprehend written English really shouldn't be commenting here at all . . . .