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Monday, November 10, 2008

The Butcher Increases Our Security

Welcome to Obama's America.

Combine the Proposition 8 video above with this new information.

As I said before, I am not sure we will have to bother about voting in the 2012 elections.

One thing I am sure of - there will be no arrests in the Proposition 8 incident.

Just as an historical note, Hitler used the homosexuals as his shock troops against the Communists.

Then he had many of them killed in the Night of the Long Knives.

I'm sure that historical aside is of no relevance whatsoever.


Another county heard from


Matheus F. Ticiani said...

Dear Steve

I'm not American, and lately I've not been able to read your blog too much, but what about Philip Berg's lawsuit? Why isn't it being mentioned?
Perhaps if it is successful, its consequences could be worse than Obama's election.

Steve Kellmeyer said...

His lawsuit was dismissed by an appellate court for lack of standing. The US Supreme Court has not decided to pick it up. It is unlikely that anything will be pursued in this direction. Both the Kenyan government and the state government in Hawaii refuse to allow relevant records to be opened.

Even if it were successful and Obama rendered ineligible to hold office, we would still get the enormous idiocy of Joe Biden, with the smarmy self-righteousness of Nancy Pelosi as third in command.

There's no win here, just various degrees of losing.

Jordanes said...

Not just for “lack of standing,” but also, the judge said in his 32-page ruling, because it is so extremely unlikely that Obama was born anywhere else but Honolulu that Berg could not show that he or anyone would suffer any legal damages from Obama becoming president that could justify the lawsuit. A local newspaper announced Obama’s birth in Honululu just days after he was born, just as one would expect – and in those days birth announcements were routinely and daily supplied to the local paper by the hospitals. That alone would greatly support the certificate of live birth that Obama obtained from Hawaii in June 2007, and all questions about the authenticity of that COLB have been adequately and reasonably parried – it has an embossed seal on the back, just like all recent Hawaiian COLBs have, and it shows no sign of having been forged. Furthermore, on Oct. 31 Chiyome Fukino, Hawaii’s director of the Department of Health, and Alvin Onaka, registrar of vital statistics, publicly stated that they have personally verified that Obama’s original long form birth certificate is on file in Hawaii. That, of course, is the most obvious explanation for the COLB, which was drawn up based on information found in the 1961 certificate. In the mouth of two or three witnesses let everything be established, and we have far more than three witnesses.

The COLB is not a forgery, he really was born in Honululu, and his Kenyan relatives who claimed to have witnessed his birth in Mombassa have provided no evidence to support their tradition: for all we know, they were just proudly boasting about being related to an important American figure. I’m afraid it would require an implausible conspiracy if Obama were really born in Kenya and it were being covered up.

Anonymous said...

Got this tonight. You heard of it?

A Mombasa Mosque Imam agrees to release Barack Obama's documents of birth

Posted by africanpress on November 7, 2008

We have stated earlier that Barack Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya.

A confirmation to the effect will now be forthcoming. A Mombasa Mosque
Imam has decided to release documents of birth that will indicate Barack Obama was born in Mombasa, given his middle name on the day he was born and blessed by the Imam of the day.

All other documents pertaining to his registration of birth in Kenya have
been sealed and categorized confidential.

* Follow-up story: Mombasa Imam who confirmed Obama's birth place arrives in the UK

Follow-up story: Mombasa Imam who confirmed Obama's birth place arrives in the UK

Posted by africanpress on November 9, 2008

The Imam who came forward to assist in the search of Barack Obama's
identity left Kenya secretly last night, and will arrive in the UK this morning.

He will meet with a U.S. contact person who will assist him in recording
an asylum statement in the UK after handing over the documents
that caused the blessing of Obama when he was born and
to confirm the origin of the name Hussein.

The man will join relatives in the UK because his life will be in danger
if he were to return to Kenya after removing the documents from the Mosque's
archives and taking them out of the country. The man has been informed
about the on-going case filed in the U.S. Supreme Court by attorney Philip Berg challenging Barack Obama's citizenship.

When the man heard that Jerome Corsi was in Kenya a few months ago,
he took a decision to try and meet him, but had to travel back to Mombasa from
Nairobi on hearing that Corsi had been bundled and taken to the airport on
deportation orders.

The Imam is the grandson of the late Imam who blessed Barack Obama
when he was born in Mombasa on the 4th of august 1961.

While in the UK, the Imam and the American contact person will visit
Amnesty International before handing himself over to the authorities
where he will formally deliver his application for asylum. The contact man has
arranged so that they get an official from Amnesty international to accompany them to the home office desk where he will inform them on he dangers that will face him if he were to return to Kenya after delivering the documents on Obama.

This may now bring to close the speculations on Obama's citizenship
and the secrecy on where he was born.

API will dispatch a detailed letter in support of the Imam's -- application
for asylum and protection -- to the UK Home Office Secretary later today.

The letter will be made available on the site here, but minus the names of
the Imam.

African Press International

Jordanes said...

Interesting. We'll see if any documents will really be forthcoming and if they can be authenticated.

Of course just because Barack Hussein Obama's name is recorded in Kenya as having been blessed soon after his birth would not necessarily prove he was born in Kenya, just as the newspaper announcement in Hawaii is not definitive proof that he was born there. At basis these things would prove that Obama had grandparents living in Kenya and Hawaii, which we already knew. The Hawaii birth announcement would normally indicate that Obama was born in a Hawaiian hospital, and we have the two Hawaiian state officials who would know publicly affirming that they have personally verified Obama's birth certificate is on file in Hawaii. We shall have to remain skeptical about this API story until proof is forthcoming.

chris said...

"A lot of anger and a lot of hate coming form both sides"? Really? That old lady who had the cross she was carrying ripped out of her hands and stomped on didn't look angry or hateful. Wish I could say the same about the liberal, tolerant crowd.

Jordanes said...

I didn't realise that link takes you to an African weblog, not a legitimate news source (assuming there are any legitimate news sources in Africa). There's probably nothing to this report.

Jordanes said...

You have to give the kind old woman a lot of credit for bravery. How many of us would be willing to carry a large cross as a silent witness in front of a mob of raging sodomites?

Patrick said...

Considering that there were several newspapers that reported his grandmother had acknowledged she was in Kenya the day of his birth and that his mother had flown out the next day to Hawaii, I'm not sure what more reliable witness they could possibly have.

Jordanes said...

Well, she didn't "acknowledge" it, she claimed it. For decades my dad "acknowledged" that his sister's legal name was Victoria, not Virginia which is the name she went by -- she supposedly adopted that name because she didn't like the name Victoria. Then after she died we got a look at her birth certificate from the 1930s, and guess what her legal name really was. My dad is in his 80s now and can't remember where he got the idea that her legal name was Victoria, and even now when I ask him about it, he forgets that we know what her legal name really was and repeats the story he'd been telling for decades.

So I'm afraid the oral testimony of Obama's elderly grandmother is not sufficient to establish where Obama was born. The State of Hawaii affirms he was born there, and there is no documentary evidence that contradicts what the State of Hawaii says.

Jordanes said...

Another thing: I have to doubt a claim that a mother would get on a plane in 1961 with her day-old newborn and go on a days-long intercontinental trip. More likely she'd rest a few days, take care of her baby, and then see about moving back to Hawaii.

Patrick said...

Actually, as has been stated in the court proceedings, the State of Hawaii does not affirm he was born there, it is simply a Certification of a Live Birth. The actual Birth Certificate, which indicates the place of birth, has never been provided to the public per the court proceedings. Several medical staff personnel have also placed testimony that they were present for the birth in Kenya in the court papers. However, as long as we are throwing out eyewitness accounts, it apparently doesn't matter.

Jordanes said...

Actually, as has been stated in the court proceedings, the State of Hawaii does not affirm he was born there, it is simply a Certification of a Live Birth.

Wrong again. The COLB that the State of Hawaii notarised IS the State of Hawaii's affirmation that he was born there. The head of Hawaii's Department of Public Health and registrar of vital statistics have both publicly affirmed that they have personally seen the long form certificate in the files where it belongs, and have confirmed that Obama's June 2007 COLB is genuine and was issued by the State of Hawaii. The COLB is legally valid proof that he was born in Hawaii, and unless you want to argue that these two public officials have joined the conspiracy, there are no valid grounds for doubting the Obama was born in Hawaii. The newspaper birth announcement is additional cogent evidence that he was born in a Honolulu hospital.

The actual Birth Certificate, which indicates the place of birth, has never been provided to the public per the court proceedings.

Nor can it be. It is the private property of the State of Hawaii. Not even Obama is legally permitted to take it from the Hawaii archives and show it to the public -- not without permission from a judge, and judges only grant such permission for really good reasons. Extreme suspicion without good evidence to doubt a notarised COLB is not a really good reason. There's no point in Obama going through the hassle of asking a judge to grant an exception to the law when the COLB is legally valid evidence.

Several medical staff personnel have also placed testimony that they were present for the birth in Kenya in the court papers.

You must be thinking of different court papers. I read through Berg's papers, and they made plenty of allegations, but affidavits from medical staff allegedly present at his birth were not among them. The papers do contain affidavits from a Kenyan man who supplied tapes allegedly of Obama's (step)grandmother Sarah allegedly claiming Obama was born in Kenya, but it has been reported that she isn't telling that story any more (assuming the woman on the tape really is Obama's stepgrandmother Sarah).