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Friday, November 11, 2016

The Terrible, Awful, Preposterous Anti-Trump "Riots"

You know, it strikes me that both pro- and anti-Trump forces are wussy crybabies.

Sure, the anti-Trumpkins are crybabies who can't seem to accept that they lose. But the pro-Trumpkin forces are hardly any better.

Most of what is happening barely constitutes a riot. A few random flags and tennis shoes get burned, a couple of people collect some bruises from angry protesters, someone publicly defecates on a sidewalk (an action that doesn't even raise an eyebrow in New Delhi or Mumbai) and suddenly we have a "riot"? Seriously?

No one is burning cars, very few stores are getting looted, almost no one is getting shot. Yes, I know five people were shot at one Seattle protest and are in critical condition. But, seriously, that's all you got?  This hasn't yet even risen to the level of a busy weekend in the south-side of Chicago, much less some kind of national conflagration.

But to hear the Trumpkins tell it, the world is shaken to its core, the very pillars of heaven are cracking and it is all the fault of .... well, pick your favorite Trumpkin enemy.

They like to blame Obama for not speaking out. But seriously, why bother? We all know Obama is incompetent. Blaming Obama is like slapping an infant - what is the point?

Others blame George Soros. Alright, even if Soros is behind the protests, so what? Soros is Trump's friend. Soros gave Trump an emergency loan so Trump could complete Trump Towers. Soros and Trump spend Christmas Eve together. You will never hear Trump say a bad word about George Soros. In fact, quite the opposite. Trump has already publicly said,
Oh, forget Soros, leave him alone, he’s got enough problems... “He [the protestor] goes, ‘What about Soros!’” Trump continued. “Let’s talk about somebody else.”
So, Trumpkins should really just back off this line of inquiry. The Donald doesn't like it when you go after his friends. Soros, the Clintons, the Obamas - they are all part of the same oligarchy, all part of the same circle of friends who watch out for their own and each others' kids. Trump ran the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment conglomerate for years. Donald knows how to stage a fake fight between two good friends. The wrestling match is over, Donald got the gold belt. While the fans fight out in the parking lot, Donald and his friends are deciding how to divvy up the gate.

Yes, anti-Trumpkins are whiners.
But so are Trumpkins.

If you aren't watching the show, then you are the show.
I need more popcorn.

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Well I hope you're right and this is all no big deal.