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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cardinal Stafford on Obama

Some readers of this blog think I have veered from Catholic commentary on Obama into a desert of pointless vituperation.

In answer to those critics, I give you American Cardinal James Francis Stafford of the Roman Curia.

And to those who wonder why Rome would extend congratulations to Senator Obama so early, keep in mind that the good Senator has promised to flagrantly violate Catholic sensibilities within hours of taking office in January. If Rome were to wait until the inauguration to congratulate Obama on his accomplishment, She would have to enclose a letter of chastisement in the same envelope.

This is generally considered bad form.

Thus, Rome - knowing that She will have to fight this man with every breath in Her Being - builds up what little relationship She can while the building is good, well before the man actually DOES anything. Come January, the tone will shift decidedly, as She uses whatever capital has been gained to try to dissuade him from expanding the American genocide.

BTW, my opinion of Obama is shared not only by officials in the Vatican, but by people who have experience with this kind of man.

1 comment:

Ann said...

Well, correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the subtitle of your Blog is "Orthodox Catholic commentary on current events". Isn't the recent election of the most liberal, most pro-abortion, most socialist person this country has ever seen normally considered current events? Aren't you coming from an Orthodox Catholic perspective? Seems to me you are just living up to the title of your blog. Last time I checked, no one is being forced to read your blog. I hope I can say the same thing after January 20 when the Fairness Doctrine is re-implemented and we are forced to listen to liberal slants on all of our radio and TV stations.