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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Transgenders for Contraception!

National Review holds a strange opinion. It asserts Barack Obama's latest insistence that public schools accept transgenders will be the death of the public schools. "Homeschooling will triumph!" shout the conservatives.

No, it won't. Homeschooling won't make a difference unless parents stop living the life of Bruce Jenner. The idea that my biology must yield to my fantasy identity began with contraception. As long as parents contracept, they are acting out Bruce Jenner's life in front of their children.

Both vasectomy and tubal ligation are individual attempts to assume a voluntary gender identity that does not match the reality: the unwanted reality is "fertile", the desired identity is "sterile". Like the woman who pours drain cleaner in her eyes because she wants to be blind, the vasectomy or tubal ligation patient victimizes himself/herself.

In that sense, the use of contraception (e.g., the pill, condoms, the IUD, etc.) is very similar to the drag queen, Bruce Jenner. Users don't actually cut off body parts to force reality to yield to voluntary gender identity, rather, they play the part for awhile to see if they like it.

But how many Americans will reject these facts, because it offends their self-image? How many contracepting Americans are willing to accept that they are essentially being Bruce Jenner? And how does a contracepting parent showcase to their children anything other than Bruce's own confusion?

1 comment:

Andrew said...

Insightful and well put.

"Conservative" American culture struggles to fight perversion because so much of what is considered "normal" is really perverted.

God bless.