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Friday, May 06, 2016

Putting Islam into the Schools

The US Department of Education wants educators to put Islam into more of the school curriculum. I think it is a GREAT idea.

Personally, I have incorporated Islam into a lot of subjects. In math, I point out that algebra was NOT invented by Islam and "Arabic" numerals were actually stolen by the Muslims from the Hindus.

In history, I point out that Islam rapes, tortures, enslaves and kills more people than any other faith system. Muslim pirates provoked the first declared war that America ever got involved in, the Marines' first action on foreign soil was against Muslims who had enslaved Americans, the first time the American flag was raised on foreign soil, it was over the Muslim capital of Tripoli. I take great pains to point out that, from the earliest years, Muslims have always fought in our wars, they have just never fought on our side.

In literature, I point out that all the Muslim countries combined have translated fewer books into Arabic over the course of 500 years than Spain translates into Spanish in the course of one year.

In science, I point out that Islamic countries produce useful work in only three areas: falconry, camel breeding and water desalinization. Furthermore, despite comprising over one-seventh of the world's population, only one Muslim has ever won any Nobel Prize in science. Ever.

In medicine, I point out that Islamic countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan are the only remaining hotbed of wild polio virus. Also, up to half the world's Muslims are inbred due to their propensity of marrying daughters off to their first cousins on the father's side, thus Islamic population suffer from much higher rates of otherwise preventable genetic disease.

There are a lot of places Islam can be put into the curriculum, and I agree with Obama on this point - it SHOULD be put into the curriculum.

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Tom Van Dyke said...

This article is full of hate facts and just because every Muslim-majority country is an unlivable shithole that millions and millions flee to go live in decent Christian countries doesn't mean that Islam sucks although to be honest it sure looks that way. You bigot.