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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Why Homosexuals Are Poor

Because Andy Rooney doesn't know how to read Scripture?

First, the largest charitable organization in the world is the Catholic Church - it has fed more people than anyone in history, with the possible exception of Norman Borlaug. It has certainly housed and clothed more people in history, even including Mr. Borlaug.

Second, the two things are not mutually exclusive. It is possible to work towards treating mental illnesses, such as homosexual proclivities, while also feeding and clothing the poor. Thus, the Catholic Church has ALSO created and maintained more hospitals, nursing homes and hospices than any organization in history (e.g., the Catholic Church has more AIDS hospices than any other organization in the world).

Third, the physical works of mercy are paired with the SPIRITUAL works of mercy: instructing the ignorant, correcting the sinner, etc. From the Catholic perspective, it is absurd to do only one without doing the other.

Fourth, the physical works of mercy are interpreted by the Fathers of the Church as correlating to SPIRITUAL works of mercy. Thus, the command to "feed the hungry" doesn't JUST mean give them physical food, it ALSO means teaching them the Gospel in order to satisfy their spiritual hunger.

Fifth, by the Catholic definition of poor that obtained up through 1800, there ARE NO MORE POOR PEOPLE. No one is as poor today as EVERYONE was in 1800.

Sixth, God tells us that we ARE our brother's keeper, so we MUST not only feed the poor physically, but ALSO correct the sinner. Anyone who reads Scripture would know that.

So, Andy Rooney is wrong at least six different ways.

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