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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pope Benedict vs. Traditional Catholics

Your Holiness, please at least acknowledge that the sacraments and discipline we adhere to was the universal norm of the Catholic Church for many, many centuries until the rupture of the Second Vatican Council.-- Kenneth Wolfe, Rorate Caeli contributor and "traditionalist"

... it must be stated that Vatican II is upheld by the same authority as Vatican I and the Council of Trent, namely, the Pope and the College of Bishops in communion with him, and that also with regard to its contents, Vatican II is in the strictest continuity with both previous councils and incorporates their texts word for word in decisive points.-- Benedict XVI as Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, The Ratzinger Report
The Second Vatican Council was the product of the pre-Vatican II Church. It was called by, populated by and approved by essentially all the pre-Vatican II bishops in the world.

Thus, according to "traditionalists," the traditional Latin Mass leads to rupture in the Church. 
We certainly know it leads them to directly contradict Pope Benedict.

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