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Friday, March 15, 2013

How Vatican I Destroyed the Church

I've been hearing a lot of caterwauling from "traditionalists" who claim that Pope Francis, and indeed all the Popes since Vatican II, were really sub-par, assuming they were even valid Popes. At the very least, the last three Popes have not been "friends of Tradition."

Well, if the last three Popes are not friends of Tradition, then neither were any of the bishops who voted in favor of the documents of Vatican II, because - in nearly every case - those documents were voted on favorably by nearly all the bishops present.

So, if essentially none of the bishops who attended VC II were in favor of Tradition, then the seminaries which formed those bishops are at least partially at fault. That means most of the seminaries in the world from about 1910 onward were opposed to Tradition. 

And if those seminaries were opposed to Tradition, that means the men who ran those seminaries between 1910 and 1960 were also, and almost everywhere, opposed to Tradition.

So, if Vatican II is at fault, we must conclude that Vatican I was the cause. 

And it makes sense, right?

I mean, we didn't NEED another council after the Council of Trent.
We hadn't had one for 300 years, and we had gotten on just fine.

You could even argue that God Himself stopped Vatican I because He sent in the Italian army to shut it down - the only ecumenical council that ever had such a thing happen. Clearly, God didn't like Vatican I. Note the angry thunder at the definition of papal infallibility: obviously, God was ticked off by that.

And we know that Vatican II saw itself as a continuation of Vatican I.

So, we can clearly conclude that Vatican I was a Freemason's dream, and Vatican II was the fruit of Vatican I, the Freemason's council. Pope St. Pius X was therefore not a valid Pope, being elected by a bunch of stinking Freemasons, and the SSPX is a heretical schismatic branch that pretends to hold to the teachings of the Council of Trent while actually insinuating their Masonic heresies into the minds of people who would otherwise be faithful Catholics.

We need to return to the last Pope who really embraced Tradition, Pope Pius IV (1559-1565). The innovations to the Roman Missal of 1570, introduced only a few short years after this Pope of happy memory had passed, were clearly a violation of the Tradition that Pius IV had tried so hard to preserve, and a violation of the teachings of the Council of Trent, which had just ended in 1563.

Clearly, the innovations of Pius V were merely a Masonic attempt to undermine the foundations of Catholic Faith by introducing a false Mass whose sacraments were, under even the most charitable interpretations, barely valid. As we can now see, the papal see can really be considered vacant since that unhappy time, etc., etc., etc.

You know that when Pope Pius V CHANGED the Roman Missal in 1570, just five years after the death of the previous pope and just seven years after the close of Trent, you can see the rot had already set in! Yes, it's true! If you study it, you can clearly see that the changes introduced by Pope Pius V were catastrophic to the Church. It's obvious. After all, following those changes, Protestantism wasn't destroyed, it FLOURISHED.

And flourishing Protestantism was clearly nourished by the enervating changes this obviously Masonic Pope, Pope Pius V, made to the hallowed Missal of 1570! The succeeding Popes were no friends to Tradition, since they never changed the Missal BACK to what it had been prior to 1570!

Oh, be still my heart!
Now it is all clear to me!

EVERY POPE since Pius IV has been a dirty Masonic Protestant, allowing the tentacles of the New Mass of 1570 to spread its slimy hooks into the minds of good Christians everywhere!

Oh, the humanity!

But we, we faithful few, we maintain the flame of Catholic Faith by adhering to the Missal of 1570, and rejecting this Novus Ordo Mass that followed the Council of Trent!

So, we can blame Pope Pius V for why we now are forced to labor under the "reign" of Pope Francis.

For those of you who are upset about Vatican II, I hope this little slice of history has been edifying.
I could use future postss to delve into the exact details of how the Masons and the Protestants insinuated their slimy tentacles into the barely valid Missal of 1570, how this Protestantized Mass undermined the Catholicity of the Faith, etc., but I have to stop now, as "My Favorite Martian" reruns are playing, and I don't want to miss decoding any of the secret messages that are embedded in the dialogue.

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