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Friday, September 04, 2009

Cardinal O'Malley vs. John the Baptist

Just a few short days after the commemoration of the beheading of St. John the Baptist, Cardinal O'Malley shared these thoughts on the way John badgered Herod for taking his brother's wife as his own:
At times, even in the Church, zeal can lead people to issue harsh judgments and impute the worst motives to one another. These attitudes and practices do irreparable damage to the communion of the Church. If any cause is motivated by judgment, anger or vindictiveness, it will be doomed to marginalization and failure. Jesus’ words to us were that we must love one another as He loves us. Jesus loves us while we are still in sin. He loves each of us first, and He loves us to the end. Our ability to change people’s hearts and help them to grasp the dignity of each and every life, from the first moment of conception to the last moment of natural death, is directly related to our ability to increase love and unity in the Church, for our proclamation of the Truth is hindered when we are divided and fighting with each other.
Inspiring words indeed!

What?!?.... What did you say?... Wait... he wasn't talking about John?

But... but righteous anger is a sin, as Aquinas clearly... well, alright, maybe not Aquinas, but as the Church.... what??.... alright, not the Church...

But certainly someone doesn't find righteous anger appealing....
Well, yes, Herod, of course... but it seems to me there was someone else opposed to it as well...


Well, never mind!
Let's start another rousing chorus of Kumbaya!

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