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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Thinking About Poll Numbers

The most recent poll by SKIP (Scarborough Kids Internet Panel) show that 75% of teens think Obama can handle the situation and bring the country wonderful things.

Almost half (46%) of African-American teens are "very optimistic" about President Obama's ability to help the economy, versus 31 % of Hispanic teens, 24% of Caucasian teens and 20% of Asian teens.
Not to be indelicate, but it seems to me that the poll also neatly demonstrates the different opinions that exist between groups of teens who have different academic achievement levels. The higher the academic achievement of a given group, the lower that group's faith in Barack's abilities.

And, as numerous studies have documented, academic achievement is predicated largely on parental involvement. Children from close-knit, two-parent families do much better academically than children from single-parent families. Indeed, the entire difference between races can be explained by controlling for the percentage of single-parent families.

So, teens from unstable or broken homes have a great deal of confidence in the broken-home child who has become President, while teens from intact families have very little confidence in him.

In short, smart teens, i.e., teens from stable families, have no confidence in this man.

The last two successful Democrat presidential candidates have been products of single-mother households. Both have vociferously supported killing children. Children without fathers apparently look up to these men as a father figure, even as that father figure thunders on about how those same children should be murdered in the womb without regrets, without consequences.

Paul Vitz has demonstrated how people without good fathers end by rejecting God the Father.

A lot of people are going to be disappointed in the coming months, in a lot of different ways.

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