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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It's Getting Worse

Less than one month ago, I pointed out that Barack Obama seemed to be deliberately insulting America's traditional friends while deliberately tearing down the walls we had built between ourselves and our enemies.

This week, adds several more logs to the fire:

1) Obama has deliberately humiliated the British. Again.
2) Obama will give $900 million to a terrorist organization on the State Department watch list.
3) Obama wants the Palestinians to have their own state, which will directly endanger Israel.
4) Israel can no longer buy non-essential items using US defense aid funds.
5) Hillary Clinton's quote, "Whatever we do will be done thoughtfully in consultation with our friends and Israel." Nice distinction, that.

It's no wonder a Forbes columnist, herself a Muslim, called Barack Hussein Obama "our first Muslim President."

Obama is three-for-three in humiliating the British. It's gotten to the point that Rush Limbaugh is now pointing it out on his radio show.

It seems Mr. Brown is mostly blind, something Barack Obama could not help but know. So the man deliberately insulted the British by giving him a pack of 25 DVDs.

Barack Hussein Obama is evil.

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