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Sunday, February 15, 2009

What's the Game Plan?

Senator Diane Feinstein just gave away the location of the Predator strikes upon Pakistani terrorists, letting the world know that the Pakistani government is permitting those raids from a base within the country's own borders.

This information was never leaked in such a brazenly public manner during the Bush administration, but it happens within the first month of Barrack Hussein Obama's administration.

Sure, it could have been a slip of the tongue.
But it's remarkable that such slips never happened prior to this.

It seems much more likely that Feinstein intentionally released the information in order to humiliate and destabilize the Pakistani government or some similar reason.

Obama has publicly courted the Muslims.
He has already deliberately snubbed the British.

He seems to be trying to completely alter the alignment of the United States towards the Muslims and away from our traditional allies.

This is a dangerous and deadly game.
Even assuming Barack Hussein Obama's government is so disorganized that this impression is merely based on coincidence and not plan (if true, it is a staggering statement about his incompetence), this cannot continue.

Finally, someone who understands Obama...

Update II:
Within hours of Feinstein's remarks, Pakistan enshrined sharia law in its own northern provinces, in order to make the Taliban happy. Coincidence?

Update III:
The latest on how Obama is selling out Israel

Update IV:
The Israelis are publicly saying that Obama's rhetoric contributes to Iran's nuclear power.


Enbrethiliel said...


Hmmmmmm. It puts a new light on the Philippine president's continual failure to get a meeting with or a return call from him. I don't think that would have happened under the Bush administration, since the Philippines is supposedly an ally in the War on Terror.

The Philippine media is gleefully spinning this as a sign that Arroyo is more insignificant on the international political scene than she'd like to admit to herself. Until I read your post, Mr. Kellmeyer, I thought that it was simply an oversight on Obama's part. (Well, he's a busy man, right?) It didn't occur to me that the snub might have deeper roots than that.

Steve Kellmeyer said...

Exactly. There's a deeper game being played here.

Pakistan legalized the use of sharia law in its northern provinces within hours of Feinstein's remarks.

I think Barack may want a war in order to get his second or third term. He's trying to time it so as to bring several crises to a head simultaneously. Then he can be our saviour. Again.

It's an FDR game plan. The Pearl Harbor attack was a Godsend for FDR, whether he knew it was coming or not (and the historians aren't entirely in agreement on that one). FDR is Barack's idol.