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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

George Orwell's Boy

Now here's a thought...

I've long argued that Barack Obama has no particular reason to improve the economy. FDR managed to maintain a four-term presidency with unemployment rates that never dropped below 15% largely through a combination of slick talk and immense amounts of pork poured into Democrat districts.

People quickly discovered that handouts only went to registered Democrats, so FDR bought them, lock, stock and barrel.

When things started looking dicey, he made sure we got involved in a war in Europe, knowing that Americans have never changed horses in mid-stream. No matter how good or bad a presidency, if America is in the middle of a serious war, the president typically doesn't get voted out of office. Many cynics argued that the Bush invasions were built on this principle.

So, what if Obama is actually interested in having a full-blown war between Muslims and the United States? What if he intends to weaken the United States because it will bear him political fruit down the road?

After all, it's the basic reason that Britain has welcomed and coddled violent Islam: Muslims are cheap votes for the ruling party. It's the basic reason that illegal immigration has been encouraged in the United States: Republicans like the cheap labor, Democrats like the cheap votes.

So, if Barack sees an advantage to being president during a war, what's to stop him from fomenting a long, long war with, say, EastAsia, excuse me, I mean, Islam?

George Orwell, call your office...

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Matheus F. Ticiani said...

Dear Mr. Kellmeyer

Why have you been absent from the Soundbites radio program? I subscribed to the podcast to hear you.