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Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Palin Slayer

Why would ANYONE appoint Caroline Kennedy a senator?
Apart from possessing a famous last name, she has absolutely no experience, no ability to articulate clearly, and no understanding of the state she is supposed to represent.

So what is her major qualification?
Forbes tells us, "...she is the only one on that list (as one imagines it) who is not a political hack."

In short, it seems clear that this mother of three is qualified to be the next senator for New York precisely because she is an elitist, pro-abortion mother of three who has no obvious qualifications at all.

Sarah Palin rocked everyone's world - the Democrats are mortally afraid of this woman, and they know Barack Obama has all sorts of potential to actually be as incompetent as he certainly appears to be at this point.

Given the economy, the Hamas-Israel situation, the abject socialism of the messiah, and his plain inexperience, Obama is by no means a shoe-in for 2012. No one wishes to discuss this publicly, but it's at the back of everyone's mind.

The Democrats need someone who can slay Sarah Palin, and Barack Obama may well be thoroughly damaged goods by 2012.

So, Caroline Kennedy is their answer.

Burnish her in the Senate over the course of four years, shine her up in front of all the aging hippies from the sixtes (the over-sixty group votes more consistently in an election than any other and always has) and they think they can prep her for the White House.

What grey-haired, flatulent hippy wouldn't want a Kennedy back in the Oval Office?
Those were the best years of their lives (which says a lot about their lives, but I digress).

And, sadly enough, Caroline Kennedy really is the best they can do.

1 comment:

Jordanes said...

You're probably on to something there, Steve.

Of course there's no guarantee Gov. Palin will run in 2012. She may wait until 2016, and if she does that'll probably be fine. She definitely has great potential, but needs to prep a bit first -- she could be ready for a 2012 run. Gov. Jindal is another good possibility.