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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Catholic Drudge Report

Yes, there's always a contender - Spirit Daily, a good news-site, has long been considered the Catholic version of the Drudge Report. It's designed to reach an audience with an interest in apparitions, ghosts, apocalyptic and other end-times prophecies, etc.

But there is another kid on the block, now.

It is

This site seems to be more interested in main-stream Catholicism. You won't find anything about the latest Marian apparition or the ghost in the hospital corridor, but you will see headlines concerning the interaction between faith and reason, science and religion, and theology in the public sphere (such as it is).

For instance, did you know about the scientific study that shows Catholics experience less pain and suffering than non-Catholics in certain situations?

Or that archaeologists think they may have found King Solomon's copper mines?

Did anyone link together the fact that Barack Obama has not said a public word in condemnation of his violently anti-Semitic political supporters, Hamas? (That was the top story at last week)

It might be worth checking out.

1 comment:

Mike Hussle said...

looks like they need to work on their presentation/layout, but look forward to reading it.