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Friday, September 04, 2015

Homosexuality and the Old Testament

Whenever anyone points out that the Old Testament forbids homosexuality, some homosexual supporter inevitably replies along these lines:
Well, let's make eating catfish illegal then. It's in the Bible. Same with shellfish. Wearing clothes from two different materials? Illegal! Touching an unclean animal? Illegal! (Whew, those Muslims can go back to work at Costco now) Letting your hair become unkempt? Illegal! Planting different seeds in the same field??? ILLEGAL!!! (See where this is going??)
Yes, I certainly see where this is going.
But does the homosexual supporter see where it is going?

If s/he wants to argue that the OT prohibition against homosexuality doesn't apply in modern times any more than the prohibition on catfish or shellfish does, then let us follow this marvelous new reasoning to its logical conclusion.

Murder is now acceptable. Adultery is certainly legitimate activity. Cheating the poor is most excellent. In fact, any government official who doesn't sanction both homosexual marriage and cheating the poor should be jailed. You should be able to sell a man for a pair of shoes, use false weights at the supermarket and sell goods for exorbitant prices. In fact, if you aren't price-gouging, then you should be incarcerated. Why? Well, because the Old Testament forbids all those things, and we are so past that old-fashioned nonsense.

In fact, if we continue with this line of reasoning in order to justify our Christian support for homosexuality, we instantly realize that Christians can support a whole lot more than homosexuality.

After all, Jesus never said a word against rape. Thus, rape is perfectly fine. Rape should be legal and licensed by the state, just like homosexual marriage. Jesus warned the elders not to judge the adulterous woman, therefore there is nothing wrong with adultery. He pointed out that there would always be poor people, so He obviously intended for us to exploit others. Indeed, given how capitalism and the Industrial Revolution have essentially eliminated poor people, it logically follows that we must re-double our efforts at exploiting everyone we can, just to make sure we can generate enough poor people to make Jesus' words a reality. It is a Biblical imperative!

And, of course, since homosexual supporters are so logical, and they started this line of reasoning, they obviously agree with this line of reasoning.

The Reality
In fact, homosexuality is a mental disorder that was removed from the DSM III manual on purely political grounds, as even homosexuals themselves acknowledge. No science was involved - it was all due to psychological bullying of the author of the DSM III.

According to homosexual advocates and the CDC (but I repeat myself), homosexuals have higher levels of substance abuse, higher rates of partner violence, higher rates of STDs, higher levels of narcissism and racism. Because of their addictive personalities, mental instability and deadly lifestyle, even when they are given the best treatment 21st century medicine can provide, they have the average life expectancy of someone from the 19th century.

It can't be due to the "bullying". After all, whites have higher rates of suicide than Hispanics or blacks (blacks have the lowest suicide rate in the nation), so obviously, by that reasoning, whites are the most oppressed segment of the population, and blacks the least. Similarly, in both 2000 and 2010, whites had higher rates of domestic violence than Hispanics (8.8 vs. 6.8 and 6.2 vs 4.1, respectively), so clearly whites were more oppressed during those years than Hispanics. Hispanic and white students report more drug abuse than black students, so clearly, blacks are less oppressed then Hispanics and whites.

Now, is this something they just have to deal with, because they were "born gay"? Alcoholism has at least as much of a genetic component, but that doesn't mean driving drunk is legal or that being alcoholic is looked on with favor by insurance companies and employers. Even if it were found to be natural, that doesn't make it acceptable. If homosexual supporters were not #ScienceDeniers, they would realize this.

And if we really want to go the route of blaming it on genes and bullying, then we have to apologize to all rapists for daring to impose our narrow-minded religious views on their legitimate sexual preferences:
Nearly 40 percent of the risk of committing rape is determined by genetics with the other 60 percent dependent on external factors such as childhood abuse, upbringing and socioeconomic background, the study found.

Christianity has always condemned homosexuality because that activity is harmful. Those who suffer from this mental illness are to be assisted, they need treatment, so that they can stop engaging in this deadly activity. It would be uncharitable to handle this affliction any other way.

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Sean W. said...

Right. Clearly, there are two kinds of moral precepts in the Old Testament, some of the sort that still apply today (e.g., the Ten Commandments), others of the sort that don't (e.g., Jewish ceremonial law). Homosexualists don't even argue that sodomy should properly be assigned to the latter category, they simply point out the latter category's existence and assume this is a good reason to assign sodomy to it, against the near-unanimous witness of history, the plain words of Our Lord (who said sexual immorality is a sin that pollutes the soul of man), the teachings of St. Paul, the unbroken testament of sacred Tradition, and the consensus of the saints, especially the Fathers and the Doctors.