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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Homophobe or Racist?

Nearly every country in Africa and southwest Asia is opposed to the homosexual lifestyle. Most of those countries have rendered one or more aspects of homosexual expression illegal. Notice all those countries are also populated by brown and black people. Here's a map showing where homosexuality is illegal (countries in black oppose homosexuality):

If you don't like the Wikipedia map, try the Washington Post or this sodomy-rights blog. Doesn't matter. They all show the same thing

The only African country that approves of homosexual activity is South Africa, where
"gay rights are an exclusive privilege of the white and well-heeled – a small but high profile subset." 
Another homosexual rights site observed
"The Gay Association of South Africa was mostly a white organisation that initially avoided taking an official position on apartheid..." 
Even after the ANC was bullied by white activists into accepting homosexuals, the New York Times pointed out that
"Mr. Brits, for one, said it was striking that 80 percent of the South Africans he has married have been (white) Afrikaners..." 
Even though white homosexuals forced it onto the country, over 60% of South Africans still don't think it's right.  In other words, South African "homosexual rights" is synonymous with white advocates of apartheid.

You can't blame opposition to homosexuality on Christianity, either. India recently outlawed homosexuality, and India is not exactly known as a hotbed of Christian thought. Islam and Hinduism have no particular love for the homosexual act, nor do traditional African tribal morals.

So, we can say with a certain degree of confidence (especially after looking at the dislike of homosexuality within America's black community) that black and brown cultures are strongly opposed to homosexuality.

And these are the cultures the left tells us to admire and emulate. Remember, it takes a village to raise a child. Hillary learned that in Africa. And the ancient wisdom of the East has been pushed upon us by everyone from the Beatles to the Dalai Lama, as we are constantly reminded.

Conclusion: the promotion of homosexuality is a white guy thing (see herehere, herehere and here) It views white culture as superior and attempts to force white cultural values onto the rest of the world (see here, here, here here, here, here, and here).

If you support homosexuality or the homosexual deathstyle, you're a racist. Indeed, homosexuals themselves constantly admit to being virulently racist (see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here). As one homosexual-rights supporter observed: "A look at online profiles will bring the same disheartening revelation: the gay world is full of narrow-minded, bigoted racists."

So, this is directed to all of you who are homosexual rights activists. Stop trying to impose your narrow-minded, white supremacist, homosexual agenda onto the rest of us open-minded, multi-cultural, loving and normal people. We heterosexual non-racists urge all you homosexual racists to embrace other cultures. Start showing some love towards people who don't look like you. Start showing some love towards their ancient cultures. 

Homosexuals, throw off the shackles of racist hatred!
Support cultures that outlaw homosexuality!

You're welcome.

Here are some stats demonstrating the difficulties with the homosexual deathstyle.

Lesbians have higher rates of
tobacco abuse,
alcohol abuse,
substance abuse,
interpersonal violence
and early death
than the normal female population. The Canadian Rainbow Coalition actually filed a complaint with Canada's health services admitting that homosexuals die 20 years earlier than heterosexuals.

Second Update
Even MSNBC admits it is true.

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Marie said...

you missed the list of health problems associated with male homosexuality, top of the list being AIDS..