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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Explaining Liberals

As most talk radio listeners now know, the only liberal talk radio station in Washington DC, Obama 1260, is folding its liberal talk format. Why? Because the listening audience was "undetectable."

This was in WASHINGTON D.C.
You know, the city that voted 93% in favor of Barack Obama.
It's the most liberal population in the nation, in a town run by the largest Democrat contingent in the nation's history, and it can't keep it's own liberal talk radio show alive because no one will listen to it.

Why does liberal talk radio always fail?
Liberals are too arrogant to listen to anyone's opinion but their own.
You can't tell a liberal anything.

Talk radio only works when the people on both sides of the microphone are actually willing to listen to one another. You have to have an open mind to be a conservative. You have to be an immature, close-minded bigot to be a liberal. Liberals aren't interested in conversations, they are interested in being able to say, "I won. So we'll do it my way."

But why do liberals hate business?
Because they're no damned good at it.

In order to be good at business, you have to listen to the customer, change your business to match the customer's desires. Liberals aren't about matching desires, they're about imposing worldviews.

Furthermore, liberals are racist and they are anti-Semites.

They hate blacks. Democrats invented the KKK, Jim Crow, segregation, lynching and did their best to stop integration. What other party has had a Grand Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan in the Congress?

They also hate Jews. They supported Yassir Arafat, they support Hamas, Hezbollah, the Palistinians, and any other Jew-hater they can find. FDR turned tens of thousands of Jews away from American shores before and during WWII because he didn't want them in this country.

Since a lot of very successful businesses are run by Jews, this also gives liberal Democrats yet another reason to hate businesses.

Why are so many Jews liberals?
Because Jews have enormous respect for learning and for learned people.
Now, liberal Democrats are actually close-minded, relatively stupid people, but anti-Semitic, racist liberal Democrats have had enormous control over the universities of this country since at least the early 1900's. Thus, liberal Democrats have the appearance of being learned.

Consequently, their opinions have garnered the support of the Jewish population even when their opinion was actively hurtful to that same Jewish population.

And now the country is run by these anti-Semitic racists.


scotju said...

Steve, I realize this is an old post, but if liberals are anti-semetic and racist, why are so many Jews liberal? i have my own ideas about this, but I'd like to hear yours.

Steve Kellmeyer said...

Just like being Catholic has many components, so does being Jewish.

I can be a "cradle" Catholic, a cultural Catholic, raised a Catholic, but I can refuse Catholic doctrine and attack the Catholic Church - many people do.

My baptism makes me ontologically Catholic - it changes who I am so that I am a child of God in a way that I was not pre-baptism - but I can be an enemy of God, deny Jesus' divinity, fight for women's ordination, etc.

Same with Jews. I may be ontologically Jewish (born of a Jewish mother), a cultural Jew, yet fight against everything Judaism stands for. I can even be an atheist and still considered a Jew. There are many, many different denominations within Judaism and since there is no "Jewish Pope" there is no way to judge between them. Judaism does not speak with one voice.

So, it is pretty easy to find liberal Jewish racist anti-semites, just as it is easy to find liberal Catholic (baptized) racist anti-Catholics. Or Catholic anti-Semites, for that matter.