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Saturday, January 17, 2009

President for Life

There is a hope, of course, that Barack Hussein is just a pansy who will let Nancy rule.

But, the more I see, the less I think we'll have to bother our poor little heads about voting in 2012.
It's so much easier when one party takes care of everything.

Normally, we count on legislation morasses to stop excesses from crystallizing into laws.
But, like Hitler's brownshirts, Obama has a grass-roots network that can put pressure on any legislator, anytime.

The legislature may find itself becoming nothing but a rubber-stamp.

In short, Nancy may be baring her teeth now, but if Barack Hussein is really serious about being a socialist, she'll be the first one up against the wall when the revolution comes.

While BHO is clearly insane (cf. his willingness to kill infants, for instance), it's very hard to know exactly how insane he is until he gets into office and we see how he wields power.

We all continue to hope against hope that he's either a pansy or a blowhard.

But FDR is his idol and that's a problem.

After all, FDR single-handedly created the industrial-military complex and he is still the only President who ever set up internment camps for ordinary non-combatant American citizens.

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