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Friday, January 09, 2009

Pansy for President?

I can't decide whether to laugh or cry.

On the one hand, I have written long and, I hope, powerfully, about the incipient dangers of a Barack Hussein Obama presidency. If he is really the socialist he claims to be, then the nation will become another Cuba, Nazi Germany or USSR within eight years.

But what if he's just a pansy?

What if he is the typical ivory-tower blowhard, the kind of prof who talks a big game in front of the freshman class, but turns out to be unable to hold his own even in a debate with a lowly graduate student, much less one of his own peers?

As Mark Steyn recently pointed out on the Laura Ingraham Show, B. Hussein has chosen an interminable number of former Clinton appointees for his cabinet. He most recently began fishing for a surgeon general among the Hollywood elite, in the form of Dr. Gupta. It is indeed as if he doesn't himself know anyone of consequence, so he has to steal names out of other people's little black books. He even went to the trouble of violating the Constitution in order to get Hillary into Secretary of State (no, I don't think she'll even take the fig leaf of a pay cut).

So, will Barack Obama turn out to be a President who continues his Illinois Senate habit of simply voting "present" (he spent his entire US Senate career running for President, so he didn't have time to pick up any habit of responsibility there. And that assumes the US Senate is known for instilling responsibility in its members, which is an assertion whose truth value lacks only evidence).

The man isn't even sworn in yet, and already Congress is beating him into the ground. Apparently, he spent his honeymoon on the election - it doesn't look like he's going to get one on Capitol Hill.

And if Nancy Pelosi continues to rough him up, can Hillary be far behind? And Bill in the background, egging her on? Between the two ladies in drag, he'll be ... pretty whipped...

Won't it be fun to have a man who makes Jimmy Carter look like a tower of strength?

A punching bag for his own party...
What will he be for the world?
And Joe Biden has his back.

God help us.
Nancy Pelosi may end up being the second woman President after all.


Jeff Miller said...

You're probably right - wimp.

As for Hillary they already reduced the salary for Secretary of State to the previous level to get rid of the problem with the emoulment clause. Though Hillary as Secretary of State is still a joke.

Anonymous said...

Good gosh -- you are the male equivalent of Ann Coulter!

Steve Kellmeyer said...

Wow - God bless you for the comparison! I'd LOVE to be that good!

Jordanes said...

Heh heh! Didn't you once opine, Steve, that if things had been different you'd have been happy to have married Miss Coulter?

Steve Kellmeyer said...

Sarah Palin, actually. But Ann is a wonderful lady as well... :)

Jordanes said...

Okay then, but don't you go two-timing on Sarah. :-D

Steve Kellmeyer said...

Nobody two-times Sarah.
Just ask the moose.