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Monday, January 19, 2009

Children Really Are Protected

I've decided that all of the children's safety programs should be referred to using this generic phrase, as the acronym is so marvelously descriptive.

But, after seeing several articles last week on about the probable triumph of legal polygamy in Canada, it got me to thinking.

We all know how this progression has worked and where it is going.

First, contraceptives were legalized in Christian denominations, beginning in 1930. By 1936, it was legal to advertise them.

As a natural consequence of legal contraceptives, abortion was, less than 30 years later, legalized.

Once contraception and abortion were in place, no-fault divorce was easy to legalize and family breakdown began in earnest.

With the contraception, abortion and the breakdown of the family proceeding apace, it became very easy to argue that homosexuality was a private affair that the state had no right to forbid. Adultery is no longer a big deal, the culture was already sexualizing children, sex is about pleasure, not procreation, so sodomy is easy to go along with.

By 2003, thirty years after RvW, Texas sodomy laws were struck down, and with them, all sodomy laws across the nation.

It is 2009, and Canada is set to legalize polygamy. The United States can't be too far behind. Certainly by 2020 there should be a test case in the courts, and legalization should follow no later than 2025. To be honest, I rather think polygamy will be legal before the 2016 elections, assuming we are still having elections in 2016.

So, sometime between 2012 and 2025, we will have only pedophilia and bestiality as loves that dare not speak their name. There's not much hope of either remaining illegal much past 2030.

So, here's my question.

Given that the whole CRAP system was developed by the United States bishops in order to comply with the law of the land, what will they do when those laws are knocked flat in the next twenty years?

Having workshops explaining why not to have sex with children will soon be like having workshops on why married couples should use NFP - quaint. No one will be prosecuted for having sex with children, so no one will pay much attention to the facilitators or the workshops.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying anyone pays attention to them now - people only go to the blasted things in order to keep their paychecks. But the motivation for ignoring the speaker will be quite different.

Indeed, it is quite possible that parishes would be violating the law if they dismissed someone for this version of free love and personal expression.

So, what will the bishops do when - WHEN - this happens?

Will we look on these pedophilia workshops with the same smug superciliousness that we view the 1940's warnings against "mixed marriages" (i.e., marriages between Catholics and non-Catholics)?

"How silly those old people were back in that unenlightened age!" we'll exclaim to one another, as the old fogeys fruitlessly warn us about the error of following this path.

We won't argue with them, of course. Why should we? The national health care plan will be clearing their kind away. Their mouths will be shut soon enough.

And we'll remember 2009 as the year of our salvation.

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Bill Hoog said...


You can be darn sure the one thing child "protective services" will ALWAYS protect kids against is Christian (and especially Catholic) parents.