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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Pro-lifers Live Pro-Abort Stereotype

Pro-abort leftists often complain that pro-lifers only care about unborn children. According to them, pro-lifers don't give a damn about women or children after the baby is born. This is a complete lie. Unfortunately, pro-lifers handed pro-aborts a lot of ammunition over the last few weeks.

It is certainly the case that the Democrats invented and implemented the policy of separating children from their parents when families attempted to enter the US illegally. It is also certainly the case that President Trump took the Democrat policy and not only continued to implement it, but doubled down on it and massively increased it. Where Clinton and Obama separated thousands of families, Trump separated tens of thousands.

Far, far too many "pro-life" celebrities and groups came out in support of President Trump's stupidity. So, when pro-aborts point out that Trump is living their pro-life stereotype - the idea that pro-lifers don't care about women and children after the children are born - the pro-aborts are correct. Trump's insistence on following Clnton and Obama's family separation policies do EXACTLY live out the pro-abort stereotype of pro-lifers.

The irony is, of course, that Trump hides under the "pro-life" moniker while backing policies created by pro-aborts. Trump signed off on giving $500 million dollars to Planned Parenthood, but went to the trouble of walking back $65 million of it by also re-implementing the Mexico City policy. Do pro-lifers rightly call him out for handing a net of over $400 million to Planned Parenthood? Of course not! Instead, they ignore the half a billion and concentrate on the 15% reduction, pretending that they somehow won that round.

Pro-lifers should have been repudiating the Clinton-Obama-Trump border policy from day one. This family separation policy is a DEMOCRAT policy, and no pro-life Republican should ever have attempted to defend Trump's implementation of it. No pro-lifer should be cutting Trump any slack on the appropriations bill. But pro-lifers are so damned callow that they happily accept the crumbs our Democrat, President Trump, hands them and they all declare it a feast.

It is really not possible for a pro-lifer to support Trump, anymore than a pro-lifer could support Hillary, Bernie, or Obama. The fact that I have to write this essay to explain these facts demonstrates how bankrupt pro-lifers are right now.

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Unknown said...

Why is it unjust to separate families when the parents are charged with breakin the law? You appear to have a problem w/ the law. I assume you're thrilled w/ POTUS' recent directive to keep these same families together then. And regarding giving a damn about anyone else, castigating abortion foes for not engaging on the immigration issue is a stretch. All of us "give a damn" for another in proportion to the energy we expend in pursuit of the other's good. You know this. This post reminds me of how Chesterton described the skeptic.