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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Prison Societies

It is usually said that Western democracies are the most free societies on earth. But is that true? This video provides a rather different way of deciding what societies constitute prison societies.

If the information presented above is accurate, and there is no reason to think it is not, then an excellent way to judge how free every country's citizens actually perceive themselves to be is very straightforward: just measure the addiction rates in each country.

There are two or three major classes of addiction, depending on how you count. Alcohol is such a prevalent drug that it generally gets its own category. Opiates and every other drug are grouped together as a separate class. Sex, especially homosexual addiction, is the last major class. So, how do countries fare on the addiction scale?

Alcohol is the preferred addictive drug in Eastern Europe, which leads the world in alcohol addiction. New Zealand, Iran and the United States lead the world in opiate addiction. China has the highest proportion of homosexual addiction, followed closely by industrialized societies like Canada, Germany, and the United States. And, yes, there are cultures that really have no homosexuality or other sex addictions.

Notice that third-world areas, like South America and Africa, simply don't have the addiction problems that industrialized nations do. These areas struggle with famine, disease and poverty, but they don't have addiction problems anywhere near the extent the "advanced" countries do.

Now, this is not to say that living in physical poverty is a walk in the park. Obviously, it is not. But, if the addiction-cage theory is correct, we cannot say industrialized nations are well-off. Industrialized nations simply suffer a different kind of poverty, a poverty of freedom. According to the addiction studies, the industrialized world is simply a series of prison societies.

Which is exactly what the Catholic Church has been saying for the last century.
It's almost like science is finally starting to catch up to theology.

1 comment:

Bob said...

The contradiction to the video is: Dreamland Yes, the book focuses on the rustbelt, but it also talks about Soccer Mom addicts.

I don't know how that author addresses the Vietnam war veterans. I haven't read it, but I listened to the EconTalk podcast. He claims everyone whohas been on OxyContin for 21 days IS a junkie.

I still think you have a valid point here, but I suspect opioid addiction is very complicated. Plus the fact the name Johann Hari is attached to this makes me a little leery. Also ironic since JH is gay.