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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Cardinal Burke's New Adventures As A Jackass

So, now Cardinal Burke claims he never said the Pope was a heretic.

That's alright, Cardinal - the people you deliberately stirred up are saying that is really what you meant.

So, it looks like your language has been pretty damned imprecise. Maybe someone should issue a formal correction to you, eh?

As for his statement about the pope and heresy, let's just say better theologians than Cardinal Burke have already dismissed his opinion as ridiculous.

Wow - looks like I'm precisely in line with Pope Francis.
This makes me very happy.


Confitebor said...

As usually, your commentary on this important subject is frivolous, vituperative, and unjust. There's far better -- and intellectually dispassionate -- discussion and analysis here:

And here:

The second link is a handy round-up of analysis, interventions, and orthodox responses to the dangerous ambiguities of Amoris Laetitia.

And whether or not Jacob Wood is a better theologian than Cardinal Burke, the cardinal's opinion is square in the middle of orthodox theological opinion regarding the possibility for popes to fall into heresy. Far better theologians than Cardinal Burke, and even saints, have already discussed what happens, and what we do, when (not if) a pope holds or teaches error in matters of faith and morals.

Son of Ya'Kov said...

Dude nobody has more contempt for the sick hatred of Pope Francis as I do but.....

Your attacks on Cardinal Burke are the same thing only in reverse.

Burke as a bishop and cardinal & has a right to ask question and if he feels it is needed he can fraternally correct the Pope.

Your average lay monkey has no such right. But Burke does and he and Pope Francis will settle it between them.

Son of Ya'Kov said...

BTW Cardinal Burke is not calling the Pope a heretic. At best he might be justly criticized for bringing up or answering questions on how do deal with hypothetical heretical Popes cause the visual doesn't look good.

But calling him a "jackass" is out of bounds. It reminds me of a Radtrad I know who called the Holy Father "an evil man".

Not cool.