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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Trump's Delegate Problems

In Colorado, Donald Trump's "best people" directed their own supporters to vote for Ted Cruz delegates. No one else made such a monumental unforced error.

In Washington state, Donald Trump's "best people" sent email reminders to vote for delegates to Washington D.C. voters. And, to add insult to injury, the email reminders were several days late.

In South Carolina, Donald Trump's failure to do due diligence caused him to lose "five of the six delegate seats on the ballot in South Carolina’s 3rd and 7th congressional districts."

Indiana hasn't even voted yet, but Trump's failure to pay attention to delegate selection means he will capture none of the delegates. Worse, as of April 9th, less than a week ago, he seemed completely oblivious to it.

New York: he failed to begin working voters by the October deadline for party registration. His ignorance of the deadline was so thorough and complete that Trump even admitted his own family won't be voting for him. They are all registered Democrats. Their opportunity to switch to Republican and vote in New York's closed Republican primary expired over six months ago.

Louisiana: Trump's failure to understand the Art of the Deal meant he let all unbound delegates walk. Cruz is reported to have picked them up. In Georgia and Tennessee, Trump's failure to close the deal with the delegates means Cruz managed to get several pro-Cruz delegates elected as convention representatives: these delegates are only bound to Trump for the first two votes.

California: Cruz has been building a ground game for a year. Trump just declared his Statewide Director on April 13. California's delegate registration deadline is May 7.

Wyoming: Trump's own manager gave up hours before the vote even began.

Nebraska: Trump never even sent people in to look for delegates.

Trump has a fake on-line army. He also has an artificial 22% boost in delegates, courtesy of the GOP rule system. If he really thought the system was unfair, he could give back his unearned 22% delegate bonus.

Instead, Trump whines not only without apology, but with great pride. No, really, he is proud of his whining. Trump acts like a garden-variety welfare queen, insisting he should get more than he already hasn't earned, and blaming all of his unforced errors on George Bush Ted Cruz.

Cruz has now grabbed Missouri and half of Pennsylvania's delegates.

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