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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

More Questions on the Synod


The synod wasn't assembled by the catholic media that you've been so prone to criticize. It was called by the Pope, and he does what he wants, like you said.

So we have a Pope who has assembled a pointless synod and replaced certain conservatives with liberals. And you blame the "catholic media".

Do you blame the catholic media when the Pope says certain things about homosexuality, and within weeks, Illinois politicians pass a gay marriage law quoting these very same words the pope so careless used?


Yes, the synod was called by the Pope. The Pope's job, along with the bishops, is to explain the Faith to the world. That means the bishops need to have an explanation for any nonsense the world spews.

Thus, in order to have answers to nonsense, bishops within the synod must propose nonsense, so that proper responses to nonsense can be discussed. It doesn't matter if the bishops who propose the nonsense actually believe the nonsense they propose. The point of the synod is to adequately respond to the world's nonsense with the Gospel Truth.

So, of course the synod will have discussions about nonsense.
It would be extremely odd if it did not.

The point of the synod, any synod, is never to explain "new" doctrine, for there is no such thing. The only reason synods are called is to explain unchanging doctrine in a way the changing world understands. The whole point of a synod is to discuss the world's nonsense, and try to help the world make sense of it's own nonsense. So, yeah, if the synod didn't have discussions about absolutely ludicrous ideas, it wouldn't be doing what it was called to do.

I blame the "Catholic" media for spreading nonsense about the synod. Catholic media is supposed to understand this process and explain it to us secular Catholics who don't get it. Catholic media is supposed to calm the storms, not invoke them. But, for want of clicks, the "Catholic" media is doing exactly what the world does - twist the synod's work, instill fear that the Church will fail, the sun won't rise tomorrow, Satan will win, yada, yada, yada.

The devil was quoting Scripture long before Pope Francis was a gleam in his father's eye. The devil will continue to quote Scripture long after Pope Francis' body is in the grave. Why are you shocked to see the devil quote Pope Francis quoting Scripture???

If I were a Freemason, I would be doing EXACTLY what the "Catholic" media is doing. I would be stirring up fear and opposition, I would be stoking division and mistrust. Every time you see a website inspiring fear about a papal synod or listen to a sermon expressing concern about Pope Francis, you are looking at a Masonic news item, listening to a Masonic sermon. Is that really how you want to spend your day?


Ann said...

Thank you! That is exactly the conclusion I have come to after reading the latest alarmist "news" from a so called "orthodox" media source.

Jordanes551 said...

"It doesn't matter if the bishops who propose the nonsense actually believe the nonsense they propose."

Well, THAT sure is a relief. We wouldn't want the faithful to notice the remarkable phenomenon of a pope giving permission for something the Church has always said is incompatible with the Faith to be presented as a serious option. And it's great to know that even if the majority of the world's bishops believe damnable, heretical nonsense, and encourage its spread in their dioceses, none of us need to have the slightest concern about that. Silly St. Jerome decrying the time when "the whole world groaned, and was astonished to find itself Arian"! St. Jerome shouldn't have been reading Catholic media, because their telling people what bishops think and believe only invoked storms instead of calming and soothing faithful Catholics into thinking everything was fine in the Church.

Steve Kellmeyer said...

St. Jerome was, of course, invited to synods.
You and I aren't.

The Arian heresy started prior the the First Council of Nicaea, 325 AD.
The councils that generated St. Jerome's remark all met between 340 and 360 AD.
Arianism pretty much ended by Second Constantinople, 381 AD.
St. Jerome wasn't even baptized until 360-366 AD, he didn't entirely devote himself to the study of theology and the things of God until 373, and wasn't ordained until 378 AD.

In short, St. Jerome comment was part of a HISTORY, written years after the fact.
If Rorate Caeli were to refrain from remarking on the synod until a decade after the fact, I would have no quarrel.

So, follow the example of St. Jerome.
Shut up until such time as the Church has settled it.

Ann said...

Again, THANK YOU! It is exactly the "jumping to conclusions" type of comments that I see on Twitter from the source you mentioned that cause alarm and confusion in the faithful. And those are things that prevent clear thought. Anyone can use sound bites and "leaks" to create any situation they want, depending on their agenda.