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Friday, June 05, 2015

The Normal American

The American desire for the crippled body cannot be quenched.

The sterile female is the body ideal for America, the goal every American woman strives to llve, the goal every American male seeks out, the goal some American males even attempt to emulate. Bruce Jenner is America's poster child, taking the contraceptive mentality to its logical conclusion.

Sexual body dysmorphia is our religion, our life.

Men and women who embrace their own fertility, who produce families with many children, are viewed as (not so) slightly insane and almost uniformly attacked, while induced sterility, deliberate crippling of the human body, is celebrated as the body ideal to pursue.

It's an amazing statement about Americans.

What is body dysmorphia? It is the idea that one's own body is defective. People who suffer from this mental illness (like Bruce Jenner) try to change their body to match their illusion of what they SHOULD look like. 

People suffering from body dysmorphia use physical, chemical or surgical methods to transform a normal, healthy body part into the crippled body part that matches their self-image.

Every man or woman who advocates for, or uses, birth control suffers from body dysmorphia. Every such person wants to transform a normal, healthy body part into a crippled body part, either temporarily or permanently.

The desire for the crippled body, an artificially sterile body, is one of the most common mental illnesses in the United States today. It was the first socially acceptable version of body dysmorphia.

Bruce Jenner is as normal as any contracepting American.

Which is frightening, really. 


Ann said...

Bruce Jenner's case is the most extreme case of someone who thinks they know better than God. Anytime someone goes against the plan that God has put into place, there will be negative consequences, either in this lifetime or in eternal life. God does not make mistakes.

Pregnancy is not a disorder; it is a natural result of the love a married man and woman have for each other and is the primary reason for marriage. Contraception interferes with the natural progression of that love and the baby that results from marital love is not a disease that needs to be corrected by abortion.

Marriage is not an institution that is set up for any two participants to use for their self-serving means. Same sex "marriage" is an aberration and is just as messed up as Bruce Jenner.

So, when someone like Bruce Jenner decides that he knows better about what gender he is supposed to be rather than God knowing what he was doing when he created him, the result is a disassociation from reality and society's enabling of a sick mind. If he were the only case of this enabling it would one thing, but this has become the mantra of today's society - everyone should be able to do what makes them happy.

The goal of our lives is not earthly happiness, it is to be eternally happy with God in Heaven. This self-serving attitude has been around since the beginning of time. Just ask Adam and Eve what argument the serpent used on them in the Garden - they deserved to have anything they wanted, not matter what God told them to do.

Son of Ya'Kov said...


Are you skeptical about climate change being human caused? Because I am & I think it is weird that people (mostly on the right) are freaking out over 2% of this Encyclical which doesn't even fall under faith and morals.

The 98% that does has my unconditional acceptance.

Steve Kellmeyer said...

Yeah, I don't know why the traditionalists Catholics always turn into a freak show around Pope Francis. I really can't see much daylight between him and Pope Benedict. The encyclical rocked, and he quoted Benedict extensively. What - exactly - do these people want from him?