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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Amtrak - Another Homosexual Suicide Attempt?

The pilot who crashed the Germanwings flight into a mountain, committing suicide by taking an entire planeful of innocent people with him, was an active homosexual.

Brandon Bostian, the engineer who was in charge of an Amtrak train whose manually disabled speed governor allowed it to travel at twice the posted speed limit (106 mph in a 50 mph section of track), was also a homosexual activist.

He survived the crash, immediately lawyered up and insisted he had no memory of the accident.
He refuses to allow police to interview him.

Best guess at the moment?
Copycat suicide attempt.

1 comment:

Anne Welch said...

Do we know that it was he who disabled the speed governor? My best bet would be texting. In the past 5 years in the Boston area, we've had two train crashes (one commuter rail, one MBTA) both caused by excessive speed blamed on driver inattention due to texting.

The MBTA now forbids drivers to carry a cell phone on their person during their shifts.