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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Israel Implements A New Holocaust

When we "won" World War II, we decided to show the world how evil the leftists really were. The National Socialists were tried for "crimes against humanity" at Nuremburg. The International Military Tribune started  November 1945 and ran through October 1946. A host of smaller trials followed in both Germany and Japan.

One of the "crimes against humanity" for which we prosecuted liberal Nazis was the crime of abortion. The crime was three-fold. First, Germany had legalized abortion in contravention to its own 1871 Constitution. Second, it had invaded Poland and refused to implement Poland's strong anti-abortion laws. Third, it had compelled those in the camps to undergo abortion.

The Geneva Code, an oath taken by medical doctors, was a direct result of the Nuremburg trials. In it, the doctor pledges to "maintain the utmost respect for life from the time of its conception."

In 1946, we sentenced men to 25 years in jail, hung them by their neck until they were dead, for committing "crimes against humanity." In 1973, little more than 25 years later, just as the Nazis were getting out of jail, America imitated the Nazi example. We did what Germany did - we made abortion legal.

And it wasn't just us. Fast forward to 2014. In less than 60 years, abortion has gone from being a crime against humanity, to being a state-subsidized activity in Israel. That's right - you can kill all the Jews you want now, and the nation of Israel will even pay your expenses. 97% of abortion requests are approved.

Today, it is a crime against humanity to make abortion illegal.

Hitler lost the battles, but he won the war. Even the Jews now agree that he was right to try to wipe them out. Now, the liberals are simply trying to finish what they universally regarded as a noble experiment, the removal of Judaism from the face of the earth. And the Jewish people are apparently so weary of the world that they are now complicit in the work.

This is what happens when a people fails to recognize their Messiah.

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Steve Dalton said...

Well Steve, you've gone and done it! You have revealed yourself as an Anti-Semite by saying abortion is what happens "when a people fails to recognize their Messiah". Sarcasm off. However I expect some people will read this post and believe you're pushing Jew Hatred. What's really amazing about Jewish behavior is they seem to have a death wish to live out the stereotypes that the Anti-Semites have about them. It seems that whenever they feel that they don't have to be afraid of what the Goyim might think about them, these behaviors manifest themselves. They better rein in those behaviors or convert to Christianity, or they will find themselves more marginalized than they were years ago.