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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Learning To Swim in Ice Water

Reading this essay, I was struck by the hypocrisy of it all.
These teachers cling bitterly to the gun-free zones, their religion.
This essay is the difference between lefties and conservatives.

It is the difference between a pet owner and a parent.

First, notice this man has a pet, he has no children.

Because pets never grow up, pets never learn enough to be mature and "wild", pets are always subject to the benevolent dictatorship of the master, pets must have neutered sex, pets can never be free.

Why is the country moving to the left?

Perhaps because America has four times as many pet owners as parents.
Whether it is a cause,  a result or merely a correlation, the connection is significant.
Parents raise their children with the sure knowledge that these children will one day be independent, thinking adults, mature enough to make their own decisions, live their own lives. Parents who have children that may never gain such independence, due to physical or mental disabilities, experience sorrow and loss as a result of that knowledge. Parents don't want pet children, they want adults who were once their children.

Parents teach their children about violence because the world is a place of violence.
The classroom is a mirror of the world.
The classroom is a place of violence.

Always has been.

Teachers do violence to the ideas that the students carry into the classroom.
There is no other way to teach.

Teachers are fine with violence, the idea of violence.
As long as it is TEACHERS who are wreaking the violence upon the student.

This particular instructor is apparently upset by the idea that teachers aren't the omnipotent, benevolent dictators he thought they were. He isn't what he thought he was. He doesn't want his illusion shattered.

He is the only adult in the room, everyone else is a child.
He is the only one who can be counted on not to throw a tantrum, his students cannot be so trusted.
It is HIS religion that must be protected, and to hell with anyone else's.

Islam has suicide bomb jockeys, and this guy is their soulmate, willing to blow up the classroom by leaving rather than have actual discussions with other actual adults.

He doesn't want his students to teach him about the world by tracking bits of it in.
He doesn't want reality tracking into his classroom, he wants the Ivory Tower (tm).

And people in hell want ice water.
Welcome to the Real, kid.


Jim Dorchak said...

You have made an excellent point here with the pet thing. Sadly two weeks ago my father passed away and I as part of this process was at the wake or visitation. One of the visitors was one a friend of the family and an old girl friend of mine as well. As part of the greetings and hugs etc... I asked here how many children she had, to which she replied two of the FOUR LEGGED kind. I physically cringed. I could not help it, and my wife (who loves me) gently kicked me in the shin.
Your point was so driven home and on spot. Thank God (and I mean that) I married the woman who makes me whole. Just goes to show you God knows best!
Jim Dorchak

Jordanes551 said...

Many pet owners have taken to calling themselves "pet parents" and pretending that their pets are their children. I wonder how many of these "pet parents" are pro-life. I suspect most of them have no serious objections to the murder of unborn babies or the snuffing out of the sick and elderly -- but then they are deliberately fleeing from reality. They seem to think they're elevating beasts to the dignity of personhood (to the extent that they're thinking at all rather than feeling), but persons are not property or possessions or merchandise or livestock -- what they're really doing is demeaning human life, lowering it to the level of mere beasts. If you love children with the same kind of love with which you love your pets, then you don't love your children at all.

Nilk said...

This is offtopic, but it looks like Pope Benedict is resigning.

Lynne said...

Actually, some people, who expressly have just one child are "pet parents", aka helicopter parents. They run their child's life, well into adulthood. This is the blessing of having more than one child. You aren't able to obsess about multiple kids the same way you do about one.