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Monday, March 05, 2012

Rush is Right

Color me confused, but I don't get it.

What, exactly, did Limbaugh say about Georgetown student Sandra Fluke that was wrong?

What's that?
He used the word "slut" to describe a self-admitted sexually promiscuous fornicator from Georgetown.


If memory serves, Georgetown hosted a Slutwalk not six months ago.
Lafayette Square has never seen so much skin. As I wandered into this designated meeting place to march in the SlutWalk, I was relieved to note my outfit—we’ll call it a costume—fell in the mid-range of concertedly slutty ensembles. That put it just above the leopard-print-bra-and-stiletto combo and slightly below the same combo overlaid with a mesh dress borrowed from the Village People.
Two men with canes and fur coats swaggered past me, holding signs declaring, “Pimps for Women’s Rights.” They captured the sentiments of the day... My contribution to this simulated brothel was a slip, my approximation of “the morning after,” as a fellow slut deemed it.
Did anyone at Georgetown get upset about that article in Georgetown's own newspaper?
Why no... no they didn't.
Any call for an apology from the administration about the outrageous, vitriolic language used by Georgetown's own newspaper to describe Georgetown's own students?
Well, no... no there wasn't.

But now the President of Georgetown has come out in support of Georgetown's very own self-described slut. He has attacked Limbaugh for Limbaugh's "vitriolic" comment (apparently, agreeing to use Georgetown's own terminology is "misogynistic, vitrioloic and a misrepresentation").

Odd. Isn't his comment merely a repetition of Georgetown's own newspaper referrence not just to one woman, but a whole parade of its student body?

Given the popularity of slutwalks on college campuses, I thought modern intellectuals embraced the whole slut culture as an expression of basic freedoms? That's certainly what Georgetown's own article seems to describe.

So why attack Limbaugh for using the self-same terminology that Georgetown itself uses to describe its own student body as they "Take Back The Night" in their frilly costumes, waving sex toys and (now government-subsidized) condoms in the air?

Is this one more example of the kind of PC language that allows black hip-hop artists to label friends and neighbors "whores" and "niggas" while putting the "racist" label on anyone who agrees with them?

Liberal men and women can call women sluts and bitches, but conservative men and women cannot agree?

Words mean things - if someone wants to celebrate their sluttiness in order to gain subsidies for it, they can't get upset when someone else agrees with them.


Flambeaux said...

Now, Steve, there you go, trying to apply logic and consistent rules of behavior.

That won't make the Revolutionary Authorities very happy, komrade.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Well now Steve, we consevative types are victims of 'repression' so we don't 'understand' this 'free expression stuff!