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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Send in The Marines

Hey, just call me Cassandra.
Quite a while ago, I predicted that Obama would try to suspend elections.

My prediction hasn't come entirely true.
So far, they're just floating the idea.

In order to actually suspend elections, they would need the military.
Historically, politics has never been something the American military has been interested in.

Changing that attitude would take a couple of decades of constant infiltration.
Besides, it would be kind of gay if the military were to change now.

We should get serious.
This is America.
Really, what are the odds?


Dad29 said...

While your historical precedents are solid (mutatis mutandis), I'm not yet convinced that the US military will be on-board with any Statist moves.

Obama may retain the USMC barracks at 14th/K and the Pentagon toe-lickers--but the rest? It's not a safe bet for him by any means.

How-some-ever, if the economic malaise gets much worse (and it could), the bet gets narrower.

Steve Kellmeyer said...

I don't disagree.

It's more likely that Obama would attempt to suspend elections than it is that he would actually succeed.

But, if he wanted to succeed, he and his predecessors have put a fair bit of the machinery into place.