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Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Have you ever suddenly noticed that you're always hearing the same words, no matter what the subject is?

It's kind of spooky.
And vaguely... unsatisfying....

Fri Apr-18-08
There are people in this country that have their minds made up regarding Obama. Not rational people. The people that want to bring up Jeremiah Write (sic), or "bittergate" or flag pins. They will never be satisfied with anything Obama has to say.

"Nothing will assuage them," the press secretary added. "But there are 10,000 more important issues for people in this country to discuss."

"Like violations of the constitution," longtime White House correspondent Helen Thomas interjected. Gibbs ignored her.

Can Barack Obama Ever Be Enough to Satisfy Us?
From the time that Barack Obama campaigned for the Democratic Nomination for President to a year and a half into his Presidency, he has been hammered by the GOP, the media, big corporations, the Tea Party and even some Democrats for not being enough. Every day there is an attack on Obama for never being enough of something. Can we ever be satisfied?

MARK LEIBOVICH: Gibbs has been not as combative as he was during the campaign. There were a few memorable things. I mean, there was an episode when he told Sam Youngman of The Hill that the White House was frustrated with what Gibbs called the “professional left,” the liberals in the Democratic Party who were never satisfied by any Obama administration agenda.

Libya intervention: Obama's speech won't quiet the critics

EL PASO, Texas (AP) -- President Barack Obama yesterday stood at the U.S.-Mexico border and declared it more secure than ever. He mocked Republicans for blocking immigration over border security alone, saying they won't be happy until they get a moat with alligators along the border. "They'll never be satisfied," he said. Obama wants Congress to pass legislation providing a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants.

Will American Jews Abandon Obama Over Israel?
But Zionists are never satisfied until a president warps the Israeli flag of occupation around his neck. Obama has not done that...yet, but give it time, the election is alone around the corner.

27 April 2011
Sure, I agree that the "debate" over this "issue" has taken much of the media focus off of legitimate issues like the federal budget. But caving into the demands of the birthers seems, to me, to be a big sign of weakness.

The ridiculousness of this action aside, I submit to you that the birthers will not be satisfied.

1 comment:

I am not Spartacus said...

(With apologies to Robert Palmer)

How can it be permissible
To question a Liberal's principles?
Their kind motives are most mythical
Not like your hatred which is typical

Liberalism you'd better endorse, it's a powerful force
We're obliged to conform when there's no other course.
Righties simply sicken me, their questions are all trickery. I find them
Simply insatiable, Simply insatiable

Liberalism is so powerful, huh
It's simply unavoidable
The trend is irreversible
The Libs are invincible

They're above law, they leave me in awe
They deserve the applause, I surrender because
The right truly sickens me, like the poor in Dickens don't you see they're;
Simply insatiable, simple insatiable,

Simply insatiable (They're so dumb, they can't tell where the money's spent)
Simply insatiable (They're all mine, they're depressed and low)