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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A New Kind of Rape

A new weapon has been brought into the sexual arena, a condom with teeth. Developed by a doctor who wanted to cut down on rape, the woman who uses such a device would be expected to insert this "female condom" when venturing into dangerous areas. The would-be assailant would find himself incapacitated by the device as it painfully latches onto his penis. According to reports, it could only be removed by a doctor.

All well and good, if used for the intended purpose.

But, as with so many items, who really believes it will be restricted to just that use?

What of the woman who is angry with her husband and/or lover, who wants him to suffer because he has inflicted upon her some slight, real or imagined, and she sees this as a marvelous way to strike back at him? As the doctor who developed the device says, the man so afflicted "cannot urinate or walk" after it has attached itself to him. What a delightful way to incapacitate a man!

Indeed, this painful new device could easily be used upon a man who is sleeping, drunk, high, or simply gulled into believing he has been invited to a night of pleasure, only to discover other things have been intended for him.

With this new device, women are now capable of the violent, painful rape of men.
It is impossible to see this "advance" as an unalloyed good.


Kathy said...

Sorry this worries you Steve, but now you know how women feel. We have to watch where we go, especially at night. Rape is something that's on our radar all the time.

Patrick said...

I'm not sure that "an eye for an eye" approach is how the majority of women feel. I definitely know that rape is not something that you should be expecting all the time.

Anonymous said...


I never said I thought this was a good idea. I just thought it was interesting hearing a man fret over something like this. Heck, there are knives in every house too. If a woman wanted to 'get even' she could.

I'm not walking around panicked I'm going to get raped or anything, but I do pay attention to my surroundings *always*. There are places and times I won't go somewhere that my husband wouldn't think twice about.

Anonymous said...

Shoot, that texas_trio account should be read from "kathy".

Steve Kellmeyer said...

Oh, I agree - there ARE knives around the house, and any other of a number of ways to maim or kill someone.

The problem here is that this specifically turns a woman's sexual organ into a weapon.

It is not unlike the unquiet we feel when we see pre-teens and teens given Kalishnikovs and training in how to kill. Sure, it's not like this makes a huge difference in raw terms - what difference does it make if you're killed by an eight-year old or a thirty-eight year old?

And yet, it DOES make a difference. Not to the one maimed or killed, but to the one who does the maiming and killing.

Dymphna said...

South Africa has the highest rate of rape in the world. Old women, young women, and babies get raped there every day. And it doesn't matter where you are either. Many assualts happen during home invasions. The situation is not like anything in the West at all.

Patrick said...

"The situation is not like anything in the West at all."

I can't imagine how the word has a different meaning depending on the country you reside in.

Anonymous said...

I definitely know that rape is not something that you should be expecting all the time.

What does this mean, Patrick? Try telling a woman living in South Africa who's been repeatedly raped what you "definitely" know she should not be doing.