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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why Liberal Talk Radio Fails

There are a lot of theories floating around about why liberal talk radio always fails.

People say liberals aren't interesting, liberals aren't funny, liberals scream too much, they act like the victim too often, etc.

While liberals certainly are and do all of these things, I don't think that's the reason.
The real reason liberal talk radio isn't successful is that liberals don't work for a living.

Think about it.

Of all the political persuasions, liberals are the largest group because they encompass both the wealthiest and the poorest among us. Liberal leaders are rich fat cats screaming about how they care about the poor while they simultaneously raise consumption taxes every chance they get. These kind of people watch television talking heads and read the New York Times. They are never in a car unless they are being chauffeured to the airport or the golf course. When they are in a car, they are on their cell phones schmoozing their next deal, they are most definitely not listening to the radio.

Welfare recipients don't listen to radio, they watch TV or play stupid video games.

The only people who listen to the radio are the people driving themselves, alone in a car, stuck in a traffic jam. By definition, that ain't rich people or welfare recipients.

It's working stiffs, grinding out their nine to five job and grinding out their one hour commute each way each day to make it a full-bodied ten-hour workday, five days a week.

These are the people who are working with their hands, people who have to keep their eyes on their work or on the road, but who want to occupy their minds while their hands and eyes stay busy. In a multi-media environment, radio is the only source of entertainment for blue-collar workers for most of the day. It's the only thing available for white collar workers at least two or three hours of the day.

People who work for a living aren't interested in George Soros, Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi.
They want someone who understands what it means to gain your bread in the sweat of your brow.

That won't change any time soon.


Anonymous said...

Not even Republicans are safe from the influence of George Soros!
Read the end of the third paragraph.

"Billionaire financier George Soros bailed him (Bush) out and bought his company for 2.25 million."

Bush's Spectrum 7 gets a bailout from Soros

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... so the fat cats who run Exxon and other big companies are liberals, eh?

Steve Kellmeyer said...

Well, let's not leave out the Hollywood execs and megastars, shall we? At least oil executives do something useful with their lives. What has Britney done to merit her wealth?

Democrats own the richest suburbsConservatives give more to social justiceDemocrats Have the Highest Net Worth

Jordanes said...

so the fat cats who run Exxon and other big companies are liberals, eh?Yeah, quite a lot of them are. Just check campaign contributions and see who most of the corporate bigwigs have been supporting. It ain't conservatives. It's liberal Democrats and Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Well wait, now I'm confused! Steve just said the fat cats who run Exxon and other big companies do something useful with their lives, and then Jordanes said that a lot of these fats are liberals --

So, Steve's claim that liberals don't work for a living is at least partially proven wrong by Jordanes!

Could it be -- just possibly be -- that Steve's oh-so-absolute comments are, possibly, just possibly, not-so-absolute?

Jordanes said...

Hey, you just might be starting to learn something, O Brave Anonymous One.

Anonymous said...

Liberal talk radio fails 'cause not even liberals want to listen to it...deep down they know they're full of crap ;)