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Monday, February 27, 2006

Outsourcing Parenthood

Outsourcing Parenthood

“Let’s have a child!"

“How are we going to do that, big man? I got spayed and you got neutered long before we got married, remember? We would have to get the operations reversed, and reversals aren’t always successful. Besides, you know I don’t have the time to deal with doctor’s appointments, labor, delivery, recovery and all the rest. The merger is coming up in the next year, and it’s my job to get it done!”

“Don’t worry about the pregnancy. We could get Sally to carry the child for us. She would be a great surrogate mother. She’s always exercising, she eats right and she loves being pregnant. Besides, you still ovulate. We could harvest your eggs.”

“I suppose that’s true. But the follicle stimulation is really not that safe, and it would take almost as much time out of my office schedule as pre-natal visits would.”

“Don’t worry about that. We can get your sister to donate an egg. She’s always short of cash – this is a good way for her to earn some income. And we keep the money in the family.”

“Oh, that’s a good idea! But isn’t it kind of incestuous to have your sperm fertilizing my sister’s ovum?”

“Well, we could contract that out too – she’s got a live-in boyfriend, doesn’t she? He’s a nice guy, pretty good IQ, handsome. He’ll be a good gene source.”

“Oh… but my sister isn’t. Remember how diabetes and Alzheimer’s runs in our family?”

“Oh, right… Hey, well, that’s not a problem either. We could get a nucleus from Beth.”

“Your secretary?”

“Sure – her family is disgustingly healthy. Yes, she’s 60, but her genes aren’t. And she’s very interested in this new reproductive technology. She’s often said she would love to try something like this. It would be a new adventure for her.”

“Yes, I do like her. Alright, this sounds like a plan. Sally for the surrogate, my sister for the egg, her boyfriend for the sperm and Beth for the nucleus. And once we have the child, there’s that great pre-pre-kindergarten down on Elm Street. They operate from 6 am to midnight, so neither one of us would have to worry about working late at the office. We could pick him up whenever convenient. And now that the governor is making funds available for this kind of thing, it won’t cost us a dime to place him there.”

“Him? You already have a gender picked out?”

“Well, sure, why not? We just keep trying until we get what we want – a blond-haired boy, tall with piercing blue eyes. I mean, they’ve got doctors who do just kind of thing now, don’t they?”

“Yes, they do. It’s a little more expensive, but we have always gotten the best for ourselves, haven’t we? That’s what we deserve, after all.”

“Oh, but I just had a terrible thought. The Elm Street daycare only takes children a year old or older. I mean, sure, once our boy is a year old, we will have all kinds of schools, daycare, after-school, before-school and weekend stuff to keep him busy until it’s time for him to go to college, but what will we do for that first year? Remember the merger? I can’t give that up. It’s crucial.”

“Hmmm… You’re right. We have to keep our priorities straight. How about the family next door? I bet they would take care of the kid for the first year.”

“You mean those fundamentalist Catholics with the homeschooling mother?”

“Sure. Why not?”

“I don’t know. It feels creepy. I mean, they’ll probably try to brainwash the poor boy with all kinds of weird ideas.”

“Yeah, but he’ll be out of there by the time he’s a year old. Honey, he’ll be in pre-pre-kindergarten by the time he can talk. From that point on, he will be with people who think like we do.”

“Well, that’s true. And if they cause us the slightest bit of trouble, we can always call Child Protective Services on them… Alright, you get the checkbook, I’ll get the phone book. Let’s start making babies!”


Patrick said...

On the other hand, this is the equivalent of an extremely expensive form of adoption. I personally know of too many couples who would rather go through this type of process, because it is often covered by HMO and alternative business medical coverage plans, than adopt, which is very expensive in many cases and you get no money reimbursement from government or private medical coverage plans. From a financial perspective, the government has made this a possibly cheaper alternative for many. A sad but true reality of modern life.

Doogie said...

Wow... however did the monkeys do it? Thank goodness we evolved.

Amy said...

Actually, our much esteemed (insert sarcasm here) and advanced scientists are now working on a method ("successful" in mice)where you don't need a sperm or even a somatic cell, just an egg. Looks like brother won't need to be a part in this at all. Hrmm...maybe we don't need men at all ever again! Scary.

Justine said...

Ah new competition in the marketplace (eggs that don't need sperm). I guess men will have to work harder to be more appealing to women. That I would be in favour of. So guys, time to treat the ladies real nice.