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Friday, January 13, 2006

A Morality Tale

I am friends with a married couple - Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

I like Mr. Smith a lot. We've been friends for as long as I can remember, we always hung out together, drank together, played cards together. But when Mrs. Smith came along, I found I didn't much like her.

Now, I would like to spend time with Mr. Smith, but I don't want to spend time with Mrs. Smith.

She annoys me.

I have three choices on how to deal with the situation so I don't have to interact with Mrs. Smith yet can have as much fun with Mr. Smith as I want.

Choice 1:
I can wait until Mrs. Smith leaves the house, then go over and visit with Mr. until such time as she returns, when I will bid a fond farewell until next time.

Choice 2:
I can go over to the Smith house to visit, but slip a mickey into Mrs. Smith's drink so that she falls asleep shortly after I arrive. That way, Mr. Smith and I can have a marvelous time until she wakes up, when again, I will bid adieu.

Choice 3:
I can kill Mrs. Smith. Then I don't have to deal with her ever.

From a moral perspective, does it matter which I choose?
If Mrs. Smith was your wife, would you have a preference in how I handled her?

Mr. and Mrs. Smith are the twin gifts of pleasure and fecundity, respectively.
Choice 1: NFP. I just wait until fecundity leaves.
Choice 2: Temporary chemical and physical barriers. I drug or bind up fecundity so it can't interfere with me.
Choice 3: Permanent sterilization.

Now do you see the difference?

BTW, I stole this story from a friend of mine who thought it up a few years back when he was teaching NFP.


KaleJ said...


Doogie said...

I'm guessing the right answer would be - learn to get along with both; husband and wife (unity and procreation) are a package deal. Neat. I too shall use this.

croy said...

I think you took the example from the brilliant Mr. Pitt-Payne. I've used the example with seniors in high school and it really drives the point home. Thanks for sharing it.

Steve Kellmeyer said...

Indeed, I did! Mr. Pittpayne was ever more brilliant than me. :)