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Monday, September 26, 2005

News Catches Up with Commentary

As I've noted over the last few weeks, the MSM histrionics over the Superdome and Convention Center situations seemed unwarranted by the facts. They kept telling us that the situation was essentially pure ultra-violent chaos. Now, reports are surfacing that most of what the MSM told us concerning the situation was a lie.

The report of a rape-murder was a lie.
The report of stabbing deaths was a lie.
Only 6 bodies were found at the Superdome, only 4 at the Convention Center.
As I pointed out earlier, this indicates a death toll so low that it doesn't even count as an emergency according to Harvard University experts.

Now, does this mean New Orleans wasn't a disaster?
Of course not - it's a ghost town now.
But it would appear that the media played all the politicians on both sides of the fence.

Were the governor and the mayor incompetent?
They sure looked it from the way they handled the situation.
Was George W. Bush incompetent?
He declared the Gulf a disaster area 24 hours BEFORE Katrina even hit and had response teams on the ground faster than any previous natural disaster has ever seen.

Did people die because of the incompetence of all the politicians involved?
Possibly - but you can't prove it by the number of corpses at the Superdome or the Convention Center.

The media sold a lot of papers and a lot of commercials by lying about the situation on the ground. The media elites deliberately manufactured false impressions so that they got their filthy lucre and everyone else - Republican, Democrat, independent, whoever - twirled on their stick.

There's always someone calling for heads to roll when a defense contractor overcharges for a bolt, a nut or a screw. MSM, however, creates false news so they can overcharge for their ads and we aren't supposed to notice.

The phrase "the press" is supposed to denote the free exchange of information. It is in that context that "freedom of the press" is a right enshrined in the Constitution, but we don't have any presses in the MSM - we have only lying charlatans left. If we are required to have the vitamin and mineral content of our food listed on the side label, perhaps we should require the press to list the percentage of truth available in each issue of their papers, with full prosecution permitted for any deviation from the asserted content. After all, insofar as it doesn't transmit the truth, it isn't a press, is it?

1 comment:

Patrick said...

What amazes me are the people who can defend the press as the "fourth pillar of the government" and yet does not want anyone to hold them to a higher accountability than the rest of the government, saying that takes away from their freedoms and no longer allows them to be the "government watchdogs". If someone tells you a story when you are on your way to the grocery store and only reveals the story came from an anonymous source, how believable is that? How about when over a third of the stories that person tells comes from an anonymous source? When I have to read literally 5 news sources to get something even close to the real story, I have to stop for a moment and ask why I should trust anything that I read or see by todays journalists. Truly, today is the golden age of "yellow journalism" at its best - not only will it not go away, it is the core of what both the "media and non-media" news is all about. Todays motto is whatever sells news, even if you have to make it up or find people who will and use them as anonymous sources.