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Monday, September 20, 2004

Christian Liberty - Take Two

Your comments on this endeavor are greatly appreciated.

While I am no expert in economics, I must say that the idea of a VAT or flat tax seems to be a bigger hindrance to the poor than a help, which is why I like - it is the only form of sales tax which would not tax the poor proportionately more than the rich. Certainly the income tax is a violation of constitutional rights against self-incrimination and subsidiarity. I don't generally like taxes on stock holdings and capital gains, as the economists I read always argue these are drags on economic growth.

That having been said, however, I readily admit that I know little about distributism and need to learn more in order to determine if it should be added to the platform.

This platform should appeal to Keyes, given how strong a Catholic Keyes is. However, as has been pointed out, it is not a platform that will attract the masses. Campaigning on a plank that outlaws contraception, IVF, etc. while also increasing the difficulty of getting a divorce is not likely to be widely accepted in this society. But remember, this platform is meant to be a bully pulpit more than a means of winning against enormous odds. We have enough parties willing to compromise on moral issues.

So, the new edition of the platform is at
Please take a look and comment either here or there, as you please. As more remarks are made, more changes will be made.

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