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Monday, October 31, 2016

Catholics MUST Vote 3rd Party

The problem is, Hillary is a pro-abort, clearly supporting the murder of children in the womb.

But Donald Trump is ALSO pro-death, repeatedly saying he would order America's military to kill small children in order to intimidate terrorists.

So... there is no substantial difference between the two major party candidates. Catholics cannot vote for either one of them.

Gary Johnson is pro-abort, so you can't vote Libertarian.
Jill Stein is pro-abort, so the Green Party is likewise out.

That leaves parties like the Constitution Party.
Anyone who says this country is no longer Christian is absolutely correct.

Now, here is the greatest irony of all.

From the point of view of winning the election, it DOES NOT MATTER how you vote. As the video below demonstrates, the person who buys the best hackers will win the 2016 election. Trump is absolutely correct to say the election is rigged. Any IT guy could tell you the same thing. The irony is, if Trump wants to win, HE HAS to rig the election. Every candidate who wants to win HAS to cheat, every candidate who wants to win has to rig the election. There isn't any other way to win anymore.

Given that 5000 people have access to the election database (GEMS), it is virtually a guarantee that someone is going to rig it, regardless of what the others do. So now, EVERYONE has to rig their own election if they want a shot at winning it. This is Prisoner's Dilemma on steroids.

So, it doesn't matter how you vote in your precincts, what you print out, what idiocy your cell phone or video camera records. None of that matters, because the hackers will be changing the numbers in the GEM database to suit themselves.

What matters is, who is the last hacker to access the database?
That's all that matters now.

So, you might as well vote your conscience.
In terms of who gets elected, it doesn't matter: your vote is whatever the hackers say it is.
There's only one way to change this madness, and we will be lucky if it were implemented by 2020, which it won't be, because too many powerful people have a vested interest in not implementing a real solution.

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