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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pope Francis and the Communists

Some people insist Pope Francis is a communist. These same people apparently have never read the Fathers and Doctors of the Church. They betray a basic ignorance of both Christianity and communism. If you want to know what Christianity teaches about wealth and poverty, read:
Now, this is a good start, but this only tells you what Christianity teaches. It doesn't tell you what Marxism, socialism or communism teaches. Many people think wealth redistribution is the hallmark of leftism. That is false. Atheism is the hallmark of leftism.

Here are some salient differences between Christianity and modern "social justice" systems.

Marxism, socialism, communism tries to build a paradise on earth.
Christianity DENIES that a paradise can be built on earth.

Marxism says the poor should rise up and violently overthrow the rich.
Christianity says the rich should imitate God by CHOOSING to assist the poor.

Marxism says only class members are brothers, other classes are enemies.
Christianity says ALL men are brothers, regardless of class.

Marxism says you help each other in order to make life easier for yourself.
Christianity says you help each other because you are an image of God and so is every person you help.

Marxism says only economic poverty matters.
Christianity says the greatest poverty is ignorance of the Gospel.

Marxism says the elimination of economic poverty is the solution to human misery.
Christianity says the remediation of economic poverty is how we open people's eyes to the riches of grace, and the reception of grace is the only real solution to human misery.

Only people who know nothing of either philosophy can equate the two.

As for Catholic "social justice", the Jesuit, Luigi Taperelli, who coined the term "social justice" was applying the Catholic principle of subsidiarity to the interaction between government and private organizations. Originally, "social justice" meant that the government should not do what private organizations were capable of doing.

Social justice was about the proper hierarchy of institutions. It had nothing to do with taking care of the poor per se. It had nothing at all to say about wealth redistribution. Thus, when the Pope refers to "social justice" he is NOT referring to the Marxist definition of that term, but to the original Jesuit definition of that term. The original Jesuit teaching was completely in-line with both Thomistic philosophy and the principle of subsidiarity, which is the basis of Catholic philosophy and theology.

"Help the poor", according to the original Jesuit version of social justice theory, most certainly does NOT translate into "raise taxes" or "soak the rich." Nor has any Pope, including this one, ever said it did.

That's all Marxist media spin. The media is Marxist. Why does anyone thinks the media will accurately characterize Catholic thought when it has the ability to pretend that the Pope is spouting Marxist thought?  It's almost like such people are the "useful idiots" that Lenin so lovingly described.

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