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Saturday, January 04, 2014

The Deathstyle

How destructive is the "homosexual" lifestyle?

Here are two resources from opposite sides of the political spectrum that both say essentially the same thing. Being homosexual kills you quicker.

The Canadian Rainbow Health Coalition (CRHC) makes a summary list of the increased health risks associated with homosexual activity. The story was originally reported here:

Oddly enough, the link at the bottom of their story stopped working. Fortunately, others took a snapshot of it. The Internet never forgets.

And here is fully footnoted summary of current research by the Catholic Medical Association. It not only confirms everything the CRHC mentioned in their legal brief against the Canadian Government, it provides additional information, plus a complete list of footnotes and references, which the CRHC brief fails to provide:


1 comment:

Steve Dalton said...

The sodomites can talk all they want about their lifestyle being so "gay", but the horrible reality is that it leads to insanity, disease, death, and hell.