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Monday, July 02, 2012

Keep Safe!

Liberals are all about helping people stay safe.
In fact, modern liberalism simply assumes that the general public is far too stupid, far too child-like, to be entrusted with looking out for itself.

Thank heavens modern liberals are here to protect us from ourselves!

That is why liberals are so authoritarian - just like the authoritarian parents they never had, they find an inchoate need to introduce authority not only into their own lives, but into everyone else's life as well.

Action is outlawed
So, trans-fats must be outlawed, because trans-fats are likely to increase heart disease.
Smoking must be outlawed or heavily taxed, because it causes lung disease.
Big Gulps must be outlawed, because they make us obese.

Non-Action is outlawed
Refusing to wear seat belts is outlawed because that increases car accident injuries.
Refusing to pay a tax must be outlawed because that leads to insufficient income for our betters.
Refusing to have sex (chastity) must be outlawed because that encourages us to believe in God.

The liberals aren't authoritarian in everything EXCEPT sex.
They are authoritarian in everything INCLUDING sex.

Why do you think they are so down on marriage, insisting over and over again that most marriages end in divorce even though they know it is a lie?

Sex isn't the dangerous thing.
Sex is a positive thing.
The more deviant the sex, the better.
You can never be led astray by deviant behaviour.
But sex between committed married people... therein lies danger.
The lack of sex (celibacy, chastity, virginity) and what that might lead to... that is extremely dangerous.

None of us have the right to engage in behaviour that would directly damage ourselves.
Nor have we the right to accept the authority of anyone besides our leaders.
They are here. We need no one else.

Don't you understand?
The internal control of appetites is entirely dangerous.
We cannot be permitted to exercise such internal control, because it gives us the illusion that there is a power other than theirs. We are powerless without our leaders. There is no power besides our leaders. 

The liberals are here to save us from ourselves.
We should be thanking them. 

1 comment:

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

With 'saviors' like this, who needs the devil?