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Friday, March 09, 2012

Other Feet

You know, Catholics are arguing this entire HHS Mandate thing in the wrong way.

We should argue thusly:

Since when do employees get to force their values on their employers?

On what basis does the government force the Catholic Church into the bedrooms of non-Catholics?

What possible reason can Obama have for forcing bishops to regulate the sexual antics of their non-Catholic employees?

How is compelling the Church to participate in someone else's sex life is a legitimate interest of government, especially when the target is someone who isn't even Catholic?

Ladies and Gentlemen, put the shoe on the other foot.

Obviously, the Church has both the right and the duty to inform individuals, Catholic or non-Catholic, about what makes for a moral life.

But people who insist that religion has no part in government do not recognize either the right or the duty.

Thus, if they are to be logically consistent, they cannot but abhor a government which attempts to compel religion to enter the bedroom of the employee.

The fact that they don't, in fact, feel such abhorrence tells us all we need to know.

So, take the line that Obama wants the Catholic Church in the bedrooms of all of their employees, regulating their sex lives, making sure that they have sex the way that Obama intends them to.

If Obama is that interested in people's sex lives, he should regulate their sex lives directly himself and quit trying to force proxies to do it for him.

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