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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Auto de Fact


It seems some Dutch Catholic priests were caught having sex with young men back in the 1950s. The priests were disciplined and ten of the young men - assumed homosexuals - were castrated.

To the 21st century American, it sounds horrible.
So, of course, it is making headlines today.

Now, no one has pointed out that in the 1950s, homosexuality was considered a serious disease, and all kinds of cures were attempted.  Electroshock therapy, nausea aversion therapy, psychoanalysis, and estrogen injections to reduce libido were all considered reasonable. The nausea inducement therapy could and did lead to death through dehydration.

Notice how the press is howling for the skins of the perfidious doctors who imposed such therapies?
Yeah, me neither.

And it's not like the press is now or was ever against castration, even in the 1950s. After all, that's when doctors invented "Christine Jorgensen". Mr. Jorgensen was the subject of the first successful sex mutilation operation, in which a man's genitalia were destroyed and refashioned to look like a woman's in order to convince the man and the world that he was now a woman.

The operation was so successful that, to this day, the MSM refers to this poor man as "she" - as if the destruction of perfectly healthy organs changed every Y chromosome in the man's body into an X. Indeed, whenever some poor man or woman undergoes this total destruction of their external genitalia, the press howls in delight.

Of course, there is voluminous evidence that sex change operations are complete failures. But who cares about that?

This is a politically acceptable castration, and it's cutting edge, 21st century "medicine", so no one is going to complain about the fact that it doesn't actually work. As SCOTUS has pointed out, we all have the right to construct our own reality, even if that reality has no contact with this one.

And speaking of the American judicial system, recall another fact. It is not unheard of for American judges to sentence certain criminals to chemical castration in lieu of imprisonment, or to forbid them from having any more children. Liberals have little to no problem with these practices.

But, when it comes to this story, multi-cultural liberals disregard the fact that homosexuality was a crime in the 1950s, the fact that the culture was entirely different, that punishment and treatment were viewed in different light - none of this has bearing.

There is only one thing to focus on - men were castrated and a priest was behind it.
That is sufficient.

Call the court of public opinion!

Chant your confession of faith in liberal values!

Let the fires be lighted!
Let the executions begin!

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