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Sunday, January 29, 2012

To Hell With Who?

Pittsburgh's bishop Zubek has famously declared that Barack Hussein Obama is telling Catholics "to hell with you!"

In possibly the only united political front the USCCB has presented on any subject in over forty years, America's episcopate has universally decided to fight Kathleen Sebelius' ruling that all Catholic organizations have to pay for employee's contraceptives in their insurance coverage.

There isn't a single dissenting voice.
It's remarkable.
It's almost like they were all ... Catholic bishops.

As Michael Voris points out, it is also kind of sad and pathetic, but that's not the point of this essay.

While Michael Voris is dead on accurate, he hasn't yet pointed out the logical conclusion.

The 2012 Elections
That's right, they're coming this year.
Who knew?

And what happens if, despite the fears of conservatives across the nation, Barack Hussein Obama is re-elected?

You see, the bishops have not publicly excommunicated a sitting politician since the civil rights movements of the 1960s. Since the media disliked discrimination, violence against blacks was judged a mortal sin, but since the media didn't dislike sexual misadventures, contracepting or killing children in the womb was just a social faux pas that could be overlooked in the pursuit of greater political harmony.

So, for the last fifty years, the bishops haven't yet declared a single politician excommunicate over issues of contraception or abortion. Indeed, as I document, they have gone out of their way to say they don't have the right to do such a thing. But it's not for want of candidates.

Since today is the kick-off for Catholic Schools Week across the nation, let us pause and meditate on the glory that is the Catholic school. Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Senator KerryMario Cuomo, the thankfully deceased Ted Kennedy, and countless other pro-contraceptive, pro-abortion politicians were all taught in Catholic schools. In his entire career, Barack has gotten only one honorary degree, and that one from Notre Dame. Huzzah for Catholic schools!

Because of Despite their sterling Catholic education, most of the members of that previous list are definitely candidates for eventual excommunication. By their actions, they have already objectively chosen hell.

The question is, given that he is clearly not going to change his policy, if Obama is re-elected will the bishops be compelled to eventually point out the possibility of excommunication to any of the Obama-bot CINO's in a more formal way?

In short, when do the bishops formally excommunicate these fine products of conception Catholic education, informing them that they are, objectively speaking, going to hell?

There is no telling, of course.
I will only note in passing that the winter has been unusually mild.


cyurkanin said...

Great points, ones that I've considering since the first condemnation was uttered. Seriously? After 40 years, they've discovered that this bastion of freedom can't maintain supporting two masters? I can't help but keep hearing the voice of Captain Renault in my head: "I am shocked, SHOCKED, to find out there's gambling going on in this establishment!" It teeters on the absurd.

Brian said...

Steve, did you see any of West's book out today? It's the Doubling Down Of Christopher West. Is anyone in America going to respond in kind with a book or are we all just going to sit on our hands while this guy assumes the entirety of Catholic teaching on marriage?